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Sample Training Programs Series

This article is about Sample Training Programs Series. Hello Ladies and Gents. I’m going to start a series of training templates that will help you gain more muscle and strength. But before we start I must warn you, these are not beginner programs and they probably won’t work for them properly.

Sample Training Programs Series

So Who Is This Program For?

  • Great for people who have not much time in the weight room.
  • Great for those who want to get bigger and stronger.
  • For people that have a lot of experience under the bar and don’t need a ton of technical work on the lifts.

What Is This Training Program Good For?

  • The SS Bar** work makes your lower-upper back and traps strong like a bull’s – don’t use a belt when you are doing the assistance lifts.
  • Your hamstrings and quads will also get a lot of work – this is good because having strong hamstrings and quads is good.
  • Traps will grow awesome with this training because of a massive amount of SS Bar and rowing.
  • Triceps get a ton of work with FB Bar (swiss bar).
  • You can add in some extra “volume” work for upper body such as chin-ups, rear delt, biceps and so on…

The Training Template

The first training template that is going to be showcased is the 2 days per week template. About a year ago, I tried training twice a week and got great results. Here is ONE of the 2 Days/week templates that made me bigger and stronger. Feel free to get inspiration from these templates to create your own!  I hope you got your health insurance, ’cause you’re gonna need it!

#1 Week One

Day One (Monday)

  • Squat –5×5,3×3 ,1×1*
  • SS Bar Squat- 5×10
  • SS Bar Good Mornings – 5×10

Day Two (Thursday)

  • Bench -5×5,3×3 ,1×1
  • Swiss Bar Overhead Press – 5×10
  • T-Bar/Barbell/DB Row – 5×10

#2 Week Two

Day One (Monday)

  • Deadlift – 5×5,3×3 ,1×1
  • SS Bar Squat- 5×10
  • SS Bar Good Mornings – 5×10

Day Two (Thursday)

  • Military Press – 5×5,3×3 ,1×1
  • Bench Press – 5×10
  • T-Bar/Barbell/Dumbbell Row (pick one) – 5×10

* 5X5,3X3 ,1X1 – It’s very simple. On 5×5 you need to go very light, about 60% to 75% of your RM1, take it as warm-up sets. After we’re done with it, go for 3 sets for 3 repetitions. Now here you must go for 80% to 90% of your RM1. When you finish these 3 sets you go for the most important set: 1 repetition with 95% of RM1. That’s it.

** SS Bar – Well actually it’s very simple. SS Bar means Safety Squat Bar (sometimes it’s called Yoke Bar). If you got no such bar in your local gym, it may be replaced by a regular olympic barbell.

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