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Should Exercise Machines Be Avoided And Why?

The article concerns the following question – Should Exercise Machines Be Avoided And Why? As you go about your workout routine, you may start to wonder whether you should be utilizing the exercise machines that they have available or whether you’d be better off making your ‘home’ in the free weights section.

Should Exercise Machines Be Avoided And Why

Both forms of training are going to provide resistance for your muscle to work against and help you grow stronger and if you’re using a higher calorie diet, larger as well.

But are machines safe? Will they offer the same benefits of free weights?

Let’s take a look at this question further.


The Beginner Consideration

The very first thing that you need to take into account is how comfortable you are with weight lifting in general.  If you’re brand new to weight lifting, you might find that the free weight section is incredibly intimidating and that you just don’t know how to perform each exercise as you should.  Or, you may not even know which exercises to do at all.

In this scenario, the machines may be a slightly better option for you.  Since they will guide you along the pattern of movement, they’ll help you get used to the weight lifting stimulus and prepare you to transition to the free weights in time.

Machines are quite self-explanatory, so most beginners shouldn’t have an issue utilizing them.

The Risk Of Injuries

The second point to look at is the injury risk you’ll encounter.  The risk of injuries is slightly greater with free weights than machines as there is more of a chance that you’ll fall out of the proper pattern of movement, or worse yet, drop the weight on yourself.

If you don’t take care to maintain proper form the entire time, you could find yourself in some pretty severe pain in a matter of second with one wrong move.

That said, this doesn’t mean machines come injury free.  The problem with machines is that they will lock you into a certain pattern of movement and sometimes this movement may not be entirely natural for your body.  For example, if you’re a very tall individual and are using a machine that doesn’t let you move through a range of motion that’s comfortable for you, this will lead to problems.

Most people who are of average size won’t have this issue, but those who are very tall or very short may.

The Factor Of Results

Finally, the last thing to consider is the results that you’ll see with each of these.  Generally speaking, you will get slightly better results with free weights.

Free weights will call for your ab muscles to contract harder as you perform each exercise, so this in itself will yield better overall strengthening results.

Since you’re fully supported when sitting upright in a machine, the same cannot be said.  In addition to that, free weights will allow for more exercise variation as well, so this can help to increase the rate of progress you see also.

So all in all, if you’re comfortable going into the free weight section and know how to use proper form, that is where you want to be.  If you aren’t, start out with machines but then move to free weights as soon as you can.

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