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Simple tips for losing weight

In the article I’ll tell you about Simple tips for losing weight. Following easy and time tested rules of diet and exercise can help you lose weight, if you really desire it.

Simple tips for losing weight

Nature has the upper hand when it comes to the ‘war on weight’, as it has shaped human body so as to store fat. Rest of the challenges we have designed ourselves like, high calorie delicious foods, lack of time and will to prepare healthy low calorie food, no time to exercise etc. making weight loss an awesome task.. However difficult it may appear, if you are desperate enough and consistent in your efforts, you can definitely lose weight. Here are some weight loss tips to set you off on your way.

#1 – burn more calories To lose weight you have to use up more calories than you take in. The more energy you use, the more fat you burn. So, try working out at the gym as well as do the small everyday things like, walking to the bus-stop, playing with the kids, carrying the shopping bags, having more sex etc.

#2 – eat more protein Try to eat more lean proteins. It helps you keep hunger under control and is low in calories. As it is low in G.I., you will feel fuller for longer. So, shun the bowl of pasta and go for a lean grilled steak with a large green salad to go with it. It is good for your overall health also as it is high in iron and minerals.

#3 – build muscle Research has shown that for every kilo of muscle that you build, you burn 70-100 extra calories per day. This adds up to quite a neat sum over the weeks and helps not only lose weight but keep it off too. So, all you dainty ladies, pump iron, as well, to feel and look good.

#4 – eat 6 not 3 meals By eating 6 smaller meals as opposed to 3 large ones, you will feel less hungry. Eating regularly will help increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

#5 – laugh away your worries Having a hearty laugh helps reduce stress, boosts immunity and above all, burns calories. So, along with a friend watch a comedy- not only will you have a blast but will also burn those stubborn calories.

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