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Simple Ways To Add Flaxseeds To Your Diet

The following article is about Simple Ways To Add Flaxseeds To Your Diet. One food that you should be making sure that you take in on a regular basis with your diet plan is flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are very high in nutrition as they’re going to provide you with a small dose of protein, some dietary fat, along with some essential fatty acids.

Simple Ways To Add Flaxseeds To Your Diet

All in all, they are a nutrient powerhouse. Yet, some people are still not making use of these in their diet plan as best as they could be simply because they don’t know how to add them in for top results.

Let’s go over some fast and easy ways to add more flaxseeds to your diet plan so that you can reap all the benefits that this food has to offer.

Stir Them Into Oatmeal

The first way to get flaxseeds into your day is to add them into your bowl of morning oatmeal.  Since oatmeal is primarily a carbohydrate dense food, adding some healthy fats into the mix is definitely a smart move and will help to make it more nutritionally balanced.

You can either use whole flaxseeds, or if you aren’t a fan of the texture, try ground flaxseeds instead.

Both will work great in this dish.

Add Them To Protein Shakes

Another quick and simple way to get more flaxseeds into your day is to add them to protein shakes. It’s important that you are getting enough protein throughout the day, so this allows you to accomplish two goals at once.

Prepare a protein shake and add in a tablespoon of flaxseeds to balance out the nutrition and help the shake provide more overall staying power.

Mix Them Into Your Baking Recipes

The next quick tip to boost your intake of flaxseeds and healthy fats is to add them into baking recipes. If you love to cook and are constantly baking up muffins, cupcakes, squares, or other foods, flaxseeds will work great in many of these recipes.

Note that you will typically want to use the ground flaxseed variety in these cases as they will be less noticeable in the recipe.

Cut back on the flour slightly if adding them, or add in a little bit more of whatever wet ingredients the recipe calls for to account for the dry flaxseeds in there.

Add Them To Yogurt

Moving along, adding your flaxseeds into yogurt is the next way to incorporate them into your day.  Greek yogurt can be a perfect snack for any type of diet plan as it’s low in sugar, but high protein – perfect and exactly what you’re in need of.

Flaxseeds adds the healthy fat component that regular Greek yogurt lacks, so these two really make the ideal pairing.

So there you have a few quick ideas to get you started on how to incorporate flaxseeds into your diet plan.  Keep these in mind and you should no longer have any trouble getting this highly nutrient dense food into your day.

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