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Start Today Losing Weight for Summer

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Start Today Losing Weight for Summer. If you mean to lose weight for summer you really must start today. For some of us summer is a long time coming, but it is nearly here and you might have only four or five weeks to your holiday. But don’t try to lose too much weight. Crash diets can leave you feeling bad and with a skin which has not shrunk as fast as you have. Just accept that you have left it late and do what you can. There are a number of ways of losing weight fast, but not too fast. This is what you can do to start losing weight for summer.

Start Today Losing Weight for Summer

Look in the mirror: Are you a lot over weight or just a little? If you feel you need to lose just a few pounds there are no problems. More than that is a challenge in the time available.

Decide on your goal: Be realistic – you can lose ten pounds in five weeks with a healthy diet and exercise. It will need a little effort but you can do it. You can lose a lot more with a fast weight loss diet, but you might have problems. Decide on how much you want to lose and if you want to stay that way. Be aware that staying that way is a lifestyle choice and is unlikely to be achieved by a short term diet.

How to lose weight for summer: I favour the healthy diet and exercise route. If you have the time it is the best way to go. For a balanced diet you should eat from five main sources.

Fruit and vegetables.

Lean meat and fish.



Milk and dairy products.

Women should eat no more than the equivalent of five teaspoons of sugar a day and men nine teaspoons. You need to be careful with sugar – it makes you fat.

You also must reduce your consumption of fat, make sure you eat lean meat and cut down on dairy products.

For more information on using the essential ingredients for healthy weight loss see other posts on this site. If you have a really short time a fast weight loss diet is your only choice. But do not try anything extreme.

Exercise: For healthy weight loss you must exercise. Spend thirty minutes a day brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing or whatever you enjoy and which makes you a little out of breath.

That is all it takes to start losing weight for summer. Do your best and lose what you can in the time available. You will know that unless you spend your holiday swimming, riding, walking or playing sports you are likely to put weight back on.

Days relaxing on the beach followed by large and enjoyable meals will cancel out a lot of the weight you have just lost. Don’t worry, you will go home weighing less than if you hadn’t lost weight in advance. Just carry on with a healthy diet and regular exercise, You have changed your lifestyle and will be in much better shape for your next holiday.

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