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Stay Fit with Active Isolated Stretching

In the article I’m going to tell you about the following subject – Stay Fit with Active Isolated Stretching. You prefer to keep your muscles in shape and you don’t wish to overdo it, isn’t it? While watching the athletes perform in the television the intriguing question of ‘how they stay in shape’ pops up in your mind. The secret behind this is revealed here. Try doing what athletes do and enjoy the positive results. Yes, active isolated stretching is the best way to keep your muscles in shape.

Stay Fit with Active Isolated Stretching

What is Active Isolated Stretching

Active isolated stretching is the secret among the athletes and it is revealed now! With active isolated stretching, one can tone the muscles and also can make them flexible. This is the main advantage of this type of stretching.

Before practicing active isolated stretching, there are few rules or principles to be followed. While stretching, only one muscle should be worked at a time. The opposite muscle of the one that you selected for stretching should remain contracted. By doing so, you are making the muscle to prepare for its own stretching. While stretching the muscle, you should do it gently. By following stretching in such a way, you are making your muscle flexible and relaxed.

Straight Leg Hamstrings Stretch is one example for active isolated stretching. With this stretch you can stretch the large muscles that are located in the back of your thighs called the hamstrings. With this stretching you can contract the muscles from the front of the hips to the front of the thighs. For this exercise all that you need is a rope. For performing this exercise, lie on your back and keep the leg that you are not exercising bent while keeping the foot on the ground. The ends of the rope need to be kept together as that of a loop. Keep the foot of the leg that you have chosen for exercise in the loop and stretch the leg straight out. Keep the knee of that leg locked.

Now lift the left as higher as possible and in a climbing motion move hand over hand up the rope. Make it point to hold each stretch for about 2 seconds and also to do 10 repetitions on each leg.

Many other exercises related to active isolated stretching are there. Gather information on active isolated stretching with the resources provided in the exercise books and in the internet. With perfect practice you can keep your muscles toned and flexible.

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