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Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime. Have you resolved to get fit this year? And do you really want to stick with your exercise program throughout the year, or for a life time? Yes, it’s possible! Thanks to Dr. Robert Hopper.

Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime

In December of every year, one of the top issues on people’s list of resolution is health – fitness. Everyone wants to get fit, strong, healthy, and live happily.

This is the time of the year that gymnasiums are fully booked. Three months after, most people return to their previous routine of living. They quit exercising either due to lack of motivation or failure to see quick results.

I know how it feels because I’ve been there before.

It’s so easy to resolve to get fit and healthy. But the most challenging part is getting the motivation to keep going with your chosen exercise plan for a long period of time.

Thankfully, there is a guide book that can help you stick with your workout program for as long as you want. Not only that, it makes exercising so enjoyable that you won’t be able to quit working out once you get started.

The Brain behind Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime – About the Author

Dr. Robert Hopper has helped thousands of people realize their fitness goals. He’s an author and a wellness expert. Besides Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime, his previous book is entitled The HSA Strategy and Healthcare Happily Ever After.

Dr. Robert Hopper won an NCCA swimming championship while he was a student at the Ohio State University, and set the American record for the 200 individual medley in 1965. Dr. Hopper earned a master’s in physiology in 1970, the same year he patented a swimmer’s weight-training system that’s now used by colleges and universities all over the Unites States.

Dr. Robert obtained his PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Southern California. He taught the health benefits of exercise and coached swimming and water pool at Occidental College. Dr. Hopper is a member of the Occidental College Aquatics Hall of Fame, and the Ohio State University Varsity “O” Hall of Fame. This propels him to the ranks of athletic stars such as Jack Nicklaus and Jesse Owens.

Now that you’ve learned about the author, let me give you a glimpse of the content of the book. The book is divided into eight chapters. Each chapter offers various tips and advice on how to stick with a workout routine.

Remember, I only touched on the basis of the chapters. You’ll gain valuable knowledge by reading the whole book. Following are the basics of what you’ll find in each chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Fun – The Solution for Your Best Laid Plan

In this chapter, Dr. Robert talks about various ways to choose an exercise that appeals to you with the aim of having fun with it. He backs this concept with real life experiences. Also, he uses examples of pro athletes to make his points more clear and comprehensible. He offers a list of various types of sporting activities that you can choose.

You’ll be surprised to see your favorite sport in the list. The list is just too much to be included in this article. Also, he talks about ways to make your chosen exercise fun. A quote that I like in this chapter goes like this: “The more pleasure you get from physical activity, the more likely it is you’ll want to engage in more of it” Dr. Robert Hopper.

Chapter 2: Coach – The Guide to Reaching Your Milestones

When I got to this chapter, I said to myself, “but I don’t want to exercise for a living”. A few pages later, I realized that my thought didn’t resonate with what Dr. Hopper meant in the chapter. Let me give you a clue of what you’ll learn from chapter two. According to Dr. Robert, “In this chapter, you’ll learn how a beginning-level coach can transform you into someone who knows the basic skills of your chosen physical activity and enjoys doing it on a regular basis”. This statement alone motivated me to stick to chapter two of the book.

Chapter 3: Team – The Time and Effort Optimizer

Loneliness in an exercise program is one of the factors that discourages most people from sticking with their exercise. Thankfully, there’s a way to overcome this challenge in chapter three.

Dr. Robert talks about the importance and benefits of working out with a group of people. The people can be your friends or enthusiasts who share the same exercise passion as you. He talks about how fun it can be to form a team and compete with members of the team.

Additionally, he gave a real-life story of a 49 year-old Jeff. Jeff is an enthusiastic swimmer, and he was able to passionately develop his fitness by working out with a group of friends. Besides Jeff, there are lots of real-life stories of people who have been able to stick to their chosen exercise program through team building. You’ll learn more about them in chapter three.

Chapter 4: Time – The Good Relationship that Begins Slowly

Time is another factor that makes people not to stick with their workout plan. Some people have lots of commitment that are vying for their time. As a worker, spouse, and parent, it can be really challenging to get substantial time for exercising.

In chapter 4, Dr. Robert talks about various ways that you can find time to get fit – exercise. No matter how busy you’re, you can still find time to build the good looking body that you’ve always envisioned.

Chapter 5: Supplementary Fitness – Physical Fitness as a Side Dish

Let me give you two powerful quotes from Dr. Robert about this chapter: (1) “In this chapter, we’ll explore the possibility of incorporating physical fitness activities into your lifestyle, not as the main focus but in a supporting role”. (2) “Instead of health and fitness as your motivation, you’ll try fitness training to get better at your lifetime sport”. Hopefully, these two quotes alone will give you a hint into what chapter five is about.

Chapter 6: Continuous Improvement – A Healthy Appetite for Exercise

This chapter is created to help you build a burning desire to get better at your chosen exercise program. Dr. Hopper uses the analogy of sports enthusiasts who’ve been able to develop great passion for their favorite sports, and offers tips that you can also utilize to build that kind of excitement for your chosen physical activity.

Chapter 7: Championship Moments – How Exactly Does One “Just Do It”?

In your quest to get fit and healthy, there will be time when you’ll lack the motivation to workout. Dr. Robert offers, in this chapter, practical tips and advice that you can utilize to nudge yourself forward each time you feel less motivated to workout. Furthermore, he shares various tricks that pro athletes use to encourage themselves even when they don’t feel like working out.

Chapter 8: Summary & Quick Reference – Ready, Set, Go – A Course of Action

Obviously, this chapter summarizes the rest of the chapters. Dr. Hopper included a diagram in this chapter to illustrate his points for more clarification. Additionally, he provided the summary of each chapter, the benefit of his concepts and how to take action on each idea.

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