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Strength Ball Training

In this article I’ll tell you about Strength Ball Training. Yes, a round shaped ball can change your life for the better. This is what is called the strength ball training. You can increase your power, strength, balance, stability and coordination also by using a medicinal ball. That is why this is the most favored training program among the fitness experts, athletes, and elite class also. The whole training takes 16 weeks time and the training starts with the core exercise.

Strength Ball Training

This exercise is not targeted to a particular group of muscles and the whole body muscles get involved gradually. It is done either with the help of a trainer or by watching a DVD and following the process in a proper manner. Moreover, this ball training should be done with other power training exercises like circuit or weight training. Nowadays ball training has become a key to success for the sports persons. And it is recommended for the people of all age groups.


How to plan strength ball training

There are some guidelines to be followed by those who are serious about this training. A warm up session followed by rest should be done before starting the strength ball training session. An athlete should always discuss the procedures involved in the training with his trainer. There should be a partner who feed the ball and he should be well experienced. While doing this training go slowly, start light exercises followed by heavy one. You should involve your body parts one by one and not at a time. First use light weight ball and then the heavier one. Discipline should always be there as heavy ball may be dangerous. Quality of exercise is more important than the quantity of exercise you do. A workout should not take more than 25 to 40 minutes.

Safety and the techniques involved

To ensure safety while ball training, there are some techniques to be followed. First, extend your arms fully while throwing the ball. Plant your feet properly when you do standing exercises and maintain your balance firmly. While picking the ball bent your knees and keep your back straight. When you are lying on your back, be sure that your back is touching the surface properly. Moreover, when you catch the ball, keep eyes on the ball, arms together, hand straight and try to catch the ball comfortably.

Some important postures in strength ball training

  • Hamstring exercise : In this exercise ball is rolled while lying on the floor and the it is flicked frequently. This is repeated 10 times in one go and after an interval 10 times again.
  • Torso twists : In this exercise ball is passed by just twisting the torso and hips are kept facing the forward and legs bent. It is repeated 8 times at least.
  • Chest exercise : In this exercise ball is pushed in upward and downward direction with hands behind the ball and feet touching closely to each other. It should also be repeated 8 times.
  • Vertical exercises : The ball is pushed overhead and brought back between and near the knees. It is also repeated ten times at least.

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