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Strength Training Anatomy

This article tells you about Strength Training Anatomy. Strength training anatomy deals with the movements of the muscles while doing strength training exercises. There is a book titled ‘Strength Training Anatomy’ written by Frederic Delevier who is presently an editor of a French magazine.

Strength Training Anatomy

This man has been the winner of the power lifting tile in the year 1998 and so has fabulous idea about the physical anatomy and morphology of human beings. In this book he has done a wonderful job of dealing with the different movements and repercussions thereafter during and after the strength training program. That is why the book is one of the best selling books written on this topic.


What is unique about this book?

There is a detailed description of the muscles and the way they interact during the power training exercises. The book gives different views of the muscles and so the skeletal structures and joints of the body attract your attention to know more about them. Every thing has been illustrated minutely giving the accurate knowledge of the human anatomy and the power training. It contains x-ray like pictures of the muscles and their movements when they offer resistance to the forces applied on them.

All this provide a better idea of the strength training program which may encourage you to go for this power training. Moreover, strength training anatomy furnishes you the risks involved in this training also. Not only this it also discusses the precautionary and preventive measures one should take when some adverse situation comes up.

Contents of the book

There are seven chapters in this book and each chapter is devoted to different body muscles of legs, back, buttocks, abdomen, arms and shoulders. Moreover, there are different exercises given in this book for these different body parts keeping in view the well being of each muscle of your body. Not only this, the book provides every minute detail of both the male and female with colored pictures.

Benefits of Strength Training Anatomy

This book is useful for you in more than one way. First, it gives you several valuable informations about your body muscles and arouses your interest the field of anatomy. Secondly, it may take you to the floor where you would start this power training to strengthen your body muscles and get an overall good health.

Further than this, it also warns you against the potential dangers involved in the strength training program and also brings to you the remedy for that. Going through this book makes you know how this kind of training benefits you and to what extent. Now you may take all pros and cons of your anatomy before you start any such activity.

Thus in a way this book serves as an eye opener for you. Being a sensible man you may not ignore the do’s and don’ts contained in this book. In addition to it, you may start your training session if you concentrate on this book as different exercises are there in this book for different muscles. Now if you are ready to take a chance just go ahead and get one copy of it as second edition of this book has become available in the market.

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