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Strength Training Equipments

That article is about Strength Training Equipments. Strength training equipment deals with the equipments that are used in strength training exercises. It forms an essential part of fitness program. Some of the good strength training equipments are, lifting platforms, cable, lifting bars and storage solutions. All these strength training equipments are quite useful in strength training program. With the help of these equipments all the major muscle groups of your body can be worked out to have a strong a fit body.

Strength Training Equipments

Free weights Vs strength training equipments

There is always a debate as to which is preferable whether free weights or strength training equipments. But the reality is that both have their advantages and disadvantages. Free weights and training equipments equally serve the purpose of strength training. In that case it all depends on your personal choice and suitability. In other words you can select any of them according to your experience and suitability. But if you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the strength training equipments you will be in a better position to decide as to which one to chooses and why for your fitness goal.

Advantages of strength training equipment

Strength training equipments are always good for beginners. It is quite easy to use a strength training equipments for a beginner. Moreover, he can learn the proper movements easily while working with a machine in comparison to free weights. In some cases strength training equipments are more efficient in addressing your need.

You can target a particular muscle group more conveniently with the help of equipments. Other to it equipments ensure correct movements in workouts and exercises. Therefore you muscles may not have to face the unwanted fatigue which may prove unhealthy for your muscles. Working out with an equipment takes less time and it can be easily adjusted if you want to change the resistance as per your need and capacity.

Disadvantages of strength training equipment

The first disadvantage of a strength training equipment is that it facilitates restricted and pre determined movements and so you may have difficulty in strengthening your stabilizer muscle. Moreover one machine is used for one exercise only and that way it may costly affair for some people if he can not afford buying various equipments. Moreover equipments are of average size and if you taller or shorter than the average height you may difficulty in using these machines.

Now you may wonder as to what to do or which one to select; free weights or strength training equipments. In this situation it is always better to use equipments for the first 10 to 12 weeks for a beginner. This way he can adjust with the weights and movements easily. It will give you proper time to your bones and muscles to adjust with protecting it from over stretching and fatigue.

After a period of time when you are experienced you can switched over to free weights. In case of any confusion you can always consult an instructor to take an advice regarding the use and application of a strength training equipment.

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