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Strength Training Exercises

The article touches upon the issue of Strength Training Exercises. Strength training exercise refers to the exercises that are done in the strength training session. Strength training, on the other hand is a way to strength the muscles and bones. So it needs some particular forms of exercises that are targeted to the different muscles groups. If done properly, these exercises are instrumental in giving your muscles a good strength and flexibility.

Strength Training Exercises

The basics of these strength exercises are based on the logic that if the muscles are given resistance, they will rebound with the same forces which ultimately results in the thicker muscles and bones. The benefits of theses strength exercises are many. It not only strengthens your muscles but make you less prone to some diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and coronary diseases.


How to start

If you are aware of the basics of the strength training, you should follow some guidelines before you begin it. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Start working on your different muscle groups at least thrice in a week.
  2. Do warm up sessions and start with light weight exercises and do each set for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Repeat these exercises at least 10 to 16 times. After that you may increase the weight if you are comfortable with that and if you start with higher weight, the number of repetitions should be less.
  4. If you are doing your strength training exercises in a gym choose a better machine with the help of a trainer.
  5. You should make a gap between the different workouts to give your muscles enough rest.
  6. You can continue your strength training program for six months at a stretch. After that you may change your routine.

Exercises to do in strength training

Do you know the exercises you are supposed to do in the strength training? If not then it’s better to consult a trainer to learn theses exercises. He will help you out. There are different exercises for each muscle groups. If you do one set of exercise for each muscle group you can get the muscles of the whole body stronger. The different body parts require different exercises and accordingly there may be more than one exercise for one body part. Let us see what kind of exercises our body parts need:

  • Abdominal muscles: oblique twists, reverse crunch, crunch, pelvic tilts.
  • Triceps: dips, kickbacks and triceps extensions.
  • Shoulder: Front raise, lateral raise and overhead press.
  • Biceps: hammer cuts, Concentration curls and bicep curls.
  • Back: back extensions, lateral pull downs and seated row machine.
  • Chest: chest press machine, bench press, deck machine and bench press.

Apart from all the facts the exercise you do also depend on your goal. In other words, it all depends on you as to what muscles you want to target in your strength training. People usually want to loose weight, increase their muscle endurance, wish to gain heavy muscles or improve their bone conditions. Keeping in view of these goals will determine the nature of exercises you are going for. Now, it is always better to start early than late if you have set any of these goals.

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