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Strength Training For Kids

In this article I share what I learned about Strength Training For Kids. Strength training for kids is meant to enhance their overall health status by increasing strength, endurance, and better muscle coordination. It helps them sustain injuries, reduces the risk of potential injuries and also helps them in improving their sports ability. Here the strength training should not be confused with other exercises like weight lifting or other body building exercises.

Strength Training For Kids

Strength training, on the other hand makes one strong from inside by making one’s bone thicker and fibers in the muscles also expands making the joint movements more flexible. Moreover, other weight lifting exercises are not fit for kids as they are not safe for them. In addition to, it strength training does not make children bulky as many people think.

With proper methods and controlled weight movements, it does give positive results among the children. This weight movement may be done by using weight machines and, free weights. Children’s body weight may also be used for this purpose.

Guidelines for kids doing strength training

Kids need safe power training program. So this program is designed specifically for kids and is monitored and supervised by fitness trainer and specialists sincerely.

Although there is no minimum age fixed for children for strength training but parents should get their kids’ health checked before putting them to such tasks. Secondly, kids should undergo some warm up session before actually starting this power training. This warm up session should be followed by relaxation also to make kids easy and comfortable. The warm up session should be done at least for 10 minutes. Further children should also know the techniques and forms of using weight.

Primarily 8 to 10 different exercises are done, each with at least ten repetitions but the weight used in these exercises should be sustainable. If children are not able to sustain the weight, it should be minimized keeping in view of the child’s ability. To get the maximum output workouts may be prolonged to half an hour and the frequency may also be increased in a week.

Safety during the strength training

Although strength training is always good for kids but excess pressure should not be imposed on them. A simple mistake may hamper their growth and they may get their bones and cartilage injured. Therefore, safety and security should be given utmost priority and for that an experienced trainer has to be there to supervise the things going on with the kids doing this training. Kids should also learn the exercises properly and should practice it under the supervision of the trainer. The instructor has to watch if the kid is able to the exercise smoothly with controlled movements or not. This is necessary to avoid injury and accidents.

There should be a record to notice if there is any improvement in the child or not and for this proper monitoring is essential so that weight may be increased or decreased according to the child’s need. Parents should also be aware of the fact that the instructor is taking care of their child and so there should not be more than 10 children per instructor. Only then children will get proper care and attention. Moreover, strength training should not be forced on kids. Rather, they should take it as fun and so can enjoy all this fully.

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