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Strength Training For Runner

This article is about Strength Training For Runner. Strength training for runner is aimed at increasing the endurance of the runner to run fast and that too for long distances. For a runner, this kind of power training actually proves to be a good beginning to achieve goal of being a good athlete.

Strength Training For Runner

The logic behind the strength training for runner lies in the fact that this kind of training program if done consistently, raises the muscle energy consumption thus promoting the synthesis of more energy inside the mitochondria. As you know, Mitochondria is called the power house of energy. It provides energy to the cells of the muscles. Moreover, the upper part of the body also gets stronger making it possible for the runner to drive himself and swing quickly.


Warm up Session Before Actual Strength Training

If you want to go for the strength training session, you need to warm up your body first. In this warm up session you should do legs and arms rotations, curl up, low back movement and rope skipping also. This warm up session should be followed by certain exercises. These exercises include calf raises, squats, side bends, horizontal pulls, bicep curls, adduction in hips and tricep extensions also.

How to Program the Strength Training For a Runner

It hardly matters whether you are long or short distance runner, a properly formulated power training program may prove a key to your better performance in the race and you can improve your timings also. Actually it builds your muscles that can carry you faster. There are some tips to be followed by a runner to train himself.

  1. A runner should focus on his muscles. Emphasize Your Running Muscles. Don’t neglect your body parts and target each muscle perfectly because the summation of energy while running is works and this energy is generated by the power zones in the body which is possible only when you have strong and flexible muscle. The muscle group involving thighs, buttocks, calves, shoulder, back and arms are very important. They should be given preferences and should be given proper resistance with the help of an instructor.
  2. During the strength training session, try to do full body workouts. Each workouts should be done taking in consideration all the body parts, and don’t target each body muscles separately. It addresses your need properly if you are a runner.
  3. Don’t forget to train the muscles which lies on the front of shin. By doing this you would be able to make a balance between the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. It will optimize your performance. In addition to it, work on the T A muscles. For that you may need a machine for foot flexian which you can purchase in the market. Do it if you are a devoted sprinter.
  4. Buttocks exercise is also very instrumental for a runner. Just watch cheetah and think how it runs fast. The same is also applied on human beings. If you have a hyperextension machine you can target your buttocks directly and get the desired muscles stronger by working on it. But if you don’t have this machine, a barbell squat may serve the purpose.
  5. Be vibrant while doing this session because your intensity matters much when you take up power training program to strengthen your muscles. But do it slowly so as to avoid any potential danger and if possible do take help of a good professional. Good luck!!!

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