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Strength Training For Weight Loss

The following article is about Strength Training For Weight Loss. Strength training is critically important for weight loss. Excess fat and obesity has become a common malady for people of all age groups. This extra fat creates lots of problems resulting in  anomalies related to health. So reduction in weight has become the prime concern for the people suffering from obesity.

Strength Training For Weight Loss

How strength training works in weight loss

Actually strength training is very instrumental in burning calories. Strength training results in the empowerment of muscles and muscle cells burn calories at least 35 to 40 times more than the fat cells. This burning of calories results in the active metabolism which is vital for weight loss. A man doing strength training may gain weight primarily but once his metabolic rate and fat loss matches with the muscle gain he would start loosing weight.

Muscle group targeted for weight loss

It is true that the extra fat is quite visible on the stomach or buttocks but on the whole your body as whole has the accumulation of excess fat. Therefore one should target all the major muscle groups to reduce weight and get a proportionate weight. The major muscle groups include chest, arms, shoulders, abdominals, back rear and legs. Targeting all these muscle groups.

Can improve your muscles a lot giving you a proportionate body. A good strength training program is aimed at all these muscles in a single day and suggests for taking rest for. Women are generally apprehensive that strength training makes their muscles bulge which they dislike. But this fear is not genuine because their physiological make up is such that their muscle can not develop huge muscles. Rather, regular strength training may make them slim and trim.

Types of strength training for weight loss

There are many types of strength training for weight loss. An individual will to reduce weight may choose one of the many methods which match his need. Moreover it also depends on the time and budget he is ready to afford. Here are some popular methods to reduce weight. First is using free weights or dumbbells. Theses equipments give greater flexibility to the muscles and can be used for different muscle groups. Second is weight machine. It provides you the different weight levels and exercises can be done in a more controlled way.

Resistance to workouts also play vital role in strength training workouts and is a very good option for the weight loss program. In addition to it running and jumping also help a lot in power training for weight loss. Pushups are also very useful in weight loss program. An individual uses his own weight only and can burn lots of calories doing it regularly.  Further squats and lunges are also used in the strength training program. These methods are useful in lowering the extra fats accumulated on the stomach and hips.

But to get the result like weight loss one needs to follow a well prepared strength training routine keeping in view one’s goal. For this it is always better to divide your workouts in different phases and do it accordingly weight loss can not occur in a short period. Have patience a try it best. You will have a well shaped body.

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