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Strength Training For Women

In the article it is spoken in detail about Strength Training For Women. It is a myth that men only go for strength training program as they are fond of strong muscles. But women of the day are equally conscious of their health status and so they also wish to workout their muscles. Therefore the importance of the strength training can not be undermined.

Strength Training For Women

After all they all need a good body composition, endurance for cardiovascular organs and flexibility for their muscles. This power training provided them an injury free and well balanced life style. Women usually rely on low calorie diet to loose weight and get a good physical appearance but good calorie diet is not the right solution. Rather they face hampered metabolism and their weight loss program does not remain consistent.


Benefits of Strength Training For Women

There are some obvious benefits of strength training for both men and women. This power training makes their tendons and ligaments strong, increases the bone density, gives the joints a good support reducing the likelihood of any injury and lastly ensures a quality life. For women particularly, this kind of workout is also instrumental as it helps them get a desired body shape by lowering their body weight.

It so happens as the metabolism process gets activated resulting in the consumption of extra body fat. In addition to it women may not have be afraid of the disease like Osteoporosis found generally in women. Women in their middle age face some kind of sluggishness in their metabolism. At this stage the strength training can help them out and they may get rid of their extra weight easily.

Some misconceptions

There is a misconception among women that they may get large muscles due to strength training which they really dislike as it would give them a bad appearance. But this is just a myth. This myth is just because they lack the proper idea of the physiology and the impact of strength training on the human anatomy and physiology. They are afraid because they think that these exercises will turn their fat in to muscles. But it’s not true.

The scene is actually different. Different exercises under this power training make the muscle fibers thicker and so the shape of the body changes. This change in shape depends on the work muscles are made to do and this work depends on the weight you lift in during the training program. So it is quite up to you how much weight you lift and women generally don’t have to lift much weight. They are generally asked to lift light weight. Moreover, their body composition and the hormone do not allow them to bear large muscles.

Thus the nature of the body also responds to the training program and the size of the muscle depends on how your body responses. By the way women of all shape and size get benefit from it. But women should always consult a fitness trainer. He would better recommend the training exercises that befit their life style and body type. Women are asked to repeat a set of exercise 8 to 12 times for their upper body parts and 12 to 13 times for lower body parts.


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