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Stretch Muscles To Prevent Injury Working Out

The following article is about how to Stretch Muscles To Prevent Injury Working Out. Stretching is an integral part of just about any sub-section of the fitness world. Its main benefit is that it increases flexibility and prevents injury. Why would you want to avoid injury so badly, you ask?

Stretch Muscles To Prevent Injury Working Out

It may be something quickly healed from, but on the other side — it may be one that will completely halt your fitness life for long months. Other than injury-free training, stretching is simply fun to do! I bet you noticed that relieving feeling when stretching after a long time of doing none.


I’m Still Not Convinced — More Preaching!

By starting to work out without any stretching, you risk injury as a consequence of muscle tear which eventually leads to stiffness. To prevent injury, you need to flex your muscles so they will be ready for various movements and be able to complete them gracefully. Stretching aids both prevention of injury and recovery from it, stretch to aid recovery from mild to medium levels of injury. If injury is severe, you are advised to stop any physical activities and see a physician pronto!

May Not Prevent Pain, But…

While it hasn’t been scientifically proven that stretching prevents pain, it does improve joint-muscle and nerve flexibility. Stretching adapts your nerves to allow a wider range of movement to be achieved before any pain is felt. As we age, our muscle lose elasticity and flexibility. Prolong your “mobile” life and a good fitness level with stretching in mind. It’s also very vital for your back, as it can get stiff easily. You don’t want to freeze one day as you bend over to pick a newspaper, right?

For Just How Long Do I Need To Stretch?

It’s been said to do stretching for about 15 minutes, but that is very hard to keep up with because it simply loses its “fun-factor” rather quickly. A better alternative that’s been recommended is to spread your stretching throughout the day, keeping them short but numerous.

OK I’m All Itching To Stretch! When Do I Do It?

Before and/or after exercising or spontaneously throughout the day. One great example would be after long hours of staring at the computer screen, the sensation you feel as you stand up for a full-fledged stretch is second to none! Note that stretching is not warming up and should be done after it. Warm up, stretch and then do the physical activity of your choice. Be careful not to overdo stretching and cause ligament injuries in joints. Stretching allows for wider movements of the joints without feeling pain, even when you’re already in a position that is unnatural. This is why overdoing stretching can go unnoticed.

How To Stretch?

See Blake’s article for some guidelines on the stretching exercises you can do and more insight into the benefits of stretching injury-wise. Basically, you’re better off stretching all muscle groups and not only your arms, for example — as often done!

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