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Stretching – Benefits of Stretching

In this article I’ll tell you about Stretching – Benefits of Stretching. As theorized in literature, Stretching, is the purposeful act of enlargement of muscles, for increasing the flexibility of muscles and motion’s joint range. It is a natural activity commonly performed by people with thinking simple can be pleasurable. This process of stretching can be escorted by yawning. Stretching mostly occurs after long inactivity, after long sleep or after exiting confined spaces. Most of the athletes stretch after or before exercise for reducing injury or increasing performance.

Stretching - Benefits of Stretching

As mentioned in the literature by Yessis, there are several beneficial stretches that can improve your ROM stands for Range of Motions in athletes especially for runners. Some of the common benefits of stretching are as follows:-

  1. Improve ROM:- There are many forms of stretching for gaining these benefits. One stretching can’t be sufficient for preventing all type of injuries. So you should use multiples exercise of stretching in order to gain full effects. The stretching exercise helps you in elongating your muscles. It increases the motions of your range of muscles and improves your muscles stature.
  2. Flexibility:- Stretching is the important key of flexibility. This is the main benefit of stretching. It is the degree of lengthening of individual muscles. As you age increases, you muscles start to be tightened and shorten, by restricting your flexibility. The movement of your body becomes less fluid and slower. You can not stand up as straight. You walk with a shorter stride and more stiffly. You feel more difficulty in bending and picking up something. Stretching will make a huge difference for your body if you are facing such type of problems. It will open the joints of your body.
  3. Beneficial in lower back pain:- Sometimes stretching can eliminate your lower back pain. When your hip muscles got tightened and your lower back is hamstring, the curve of the back got exaggerated. This may be the main reason behind your lower back pain. Most oftenly this pain will disappear after starting the stretching. After age of 45 to 50 lower back pains is a big problem and stretching may be the simple and big treatment for it.
  4. Correct the Muscles Imbalance:- Stretching may help you in correcting the imbalance of your muscles. A number of people have physically powerful thigh muscles, but their hamstring muscles are complainingly weak and tight. They rely on the end up of their muscles quite more then they should do and it throws their movement off in slight ways. Such type of imbalance in muscles may cause to injuries. Stretching will help you in balancing the thigh muscles and in this way it solves a big problem for you and save you from thigh muscles injuries.

Stretching as a warm up Exercise:- Several people use this exercise as a warm up. This is good for especially long distances runners and sprinters. Many martial art schools and many other routines use this exercise in order to increase flexibility before starting any main work. Some people use stretching as a way when they wake up in morning.

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