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Stretching Exercises

In the article it is spoken in detail about Stretching Exercises. The best possible way to lose your weight and get a perfect shape is to fit usual exercise in your daily schedule. Stretching exercise is very common and most popular type of exercise today as it has several benefits.

It works for your whole body and make flexibility for your body. These types of exercise are thought to provide you pretty freedom of movement to do the thing that you need to do and also the things that you really want to do.

Stretching Exercises

You should do these exercises regularly in order to get maximum strength of your body and its fitness. Stretching exercise should be from the integral part of any of the conditioning program. If you perform it consistently then it provides a variety of benefits for you. There are different types of stretching exercise used by the people. Some of the most commonly stretching exercises are as follows:-

  1. Quadriceps Stretch: – Quadriceps is the name of a specific muscle in the front of your thigh, this muscle is important for lifting your knees and also for increasing your speed. To do this stretching exercise while standing, simply grip hold of any stationary object for making balance with one hand and use other hand for grasping the leg around your ankle, lift it towards the buttocks. This type of stretching is most important for the runners.
    You may also do this exercise by simply lying on the bench, by using a towel wrapped around your ankle to pull your foots towards the buttocks. Your positions should be on the edge of the bench by footing your dangling leg forward, knee bent and leg should be relaxed. You should revise this exercise for ten times and the duration of one time should be ten seconds.
  1. Hamstring Stretch: – This exercise make ready to the runners for run. Most of the runners perform this exercise before start running. One can do this exercise by putting the foot on a waist level of height and reaching down the shin till the feel a stretch in the hamstring. The hamstring is a muscle that lifts your lower leg up and bends your knee after quads had lifted your knees.
    The best method of doing this exercise, no matter how, is not with your foot on a small table, but while deceitful on your back. These exercises mainly create movement in your hamstring that’s why it is called as hamstring stretch.
  2. Piriformis Stretch: – This stretching exercise is also for a specific muscle called as Piriformis that is accountable for lateral rotation of your hip. This exercise is mainly significant for the athletes who have to change their direction, like tennis players and back runner players of the football. Keeping Piriformis muscles loose is very important for the players who run straight ahead in order to keep proper flexibility of their body.

Described are the stretching exercises that are most commonly used by the peoples. The stretching exercise is normally practiced by the players of different game including tennis, football, cricket, hockey and runners.

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