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Stretching Rack: Advantages and Disadvantages

That article is about Stretching Rack: Advantages and Disadvantages. Since Medieval era (in Europe) stretching rack is considered to be the symbol of pain, humiliation and vulnerability. This device seems to be a threat to many even now. This device was used to get confessions from the pagans, witches and enemy of kings and queens. Stretching rack is the most dreadful tool and it would bring easily the confessional words from the mouth of the criminals and accused people, in the very look of it.

Stretching Rack: Advantages and Disadvantages

The wooden bench is designed in such a way to get a eagle-fashioned position from the user. Pagans and criminals were tortured by making them sit on it leaving only few clothes on them, and the total exposure of the torture will be seen or witnessed by the spectators. When the pulleys in the rack are stretched, the joints are relocated, bones broken and only loud sickening noise and moaning sound can be heard from the one who is on the stretching rack.

They sometimes would tear of the limbs from the trunk, if they didn’t get required information from the criminals. The torture would be continued until the end. These racks are designed scientifically and the person will be given torture by gradually extending the agony until the endurance of the prisoner. Life alone will be left and the prisoner will be kept under pain and torture for a week time. Out of pain and agony, the prisoner will confess the truth.

Stretching Rack- Advantages

The antecedent of the stretching is the most intelligible device named Hippocratic bench that was used for medical purposes. The bench helped the patient to get relived from the joint pains, chronic aches and backaches. This is used as a medical device to sure the pain using by stretching the ligaments and joints.

The mane of the moderns stretching rack is VAX-D – Vertebral Axial Decompression. These devices are used with the help of computers and they are controlled. Pressure will be applied to the spinal area to leave decompression of the lumbar spine and if the pressure level meets the limit, the supply will be stopped. This treatment is considered best solution for herniated discs, sciatica and any other degenerative disc diseases.

The same treatment was used as bane to humiliate and torture human beings and it was highly destructive device once. The same device is used as a boon to get back good health. The same device was used to take away life and the same is used to give life. Though millions have died out of the torture and pain, the same device now has turned to be the best source to provide you good health.

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