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Tantric yoga – for spiritual consciousness

The article is about Tantric yoga – for spiritual consciousness. The essence of yoga is to simultaneously exercise the physical, mental and spiritual components of the body. There are different ways to achieve this consciousness of the body while at the same time attaining better health and fitness levels. Tantric yoga strives to elevate this process to an entirely new plane with the help of added meditation and other lifestyle options that centre on enhancing the spiritual part of the being

Tantric yoga – for spiritual consciousness

By incorporating different elements of diverse sciences like, physics, chemistry, astrology, mathematics and psychology, Tantric yoga helps attain enlightenment, which is instrumental in enriching day-to-day life.


Increased Consciousness on Many Levels

Tantric yoga will concentrate on realization at many different levels to appreciate a person’s being in a whole new, supreme way. It starts with a session of meditation to cleanse the mind, and will comprise of the visualization of love and devotion being guided to a central body of light, which is your soul. The eventual objective of tantric yoga is to renew your mind and spirit through an intense spiritual stirring that comes through these meditation sessions. It is believed to be the conveying of energy to higher levels, for maximum spiritual growth and whole body health.

One of the facets of tantric yoga that is enormously important is the end of bad habits like overeating, smoking and excessive drinking. All of these behaviours are harmful and destructive to your physical body, making it essential for you to give them up, as you are aiming for ultimate spiritual and physical revitalization. There are methods included in tantric yoga that will enable you to boost your consciousness and give up some of these bad habits that you have carried up to this point.

Increased Popularity in the United States

While tantric yoga has been quite well liked in eastern cultures, it has grown in fame within the United States as well. For those that are eager for a spiritual workout as well as a physical one, tantric yoga can offer many extensive benefits.

Tantric yoga provides all those physical benefits that other forms of yoga offer while at the same time also enhancing sexual function as well as stamina. Regular practise of tantric yoga has yielded significant improvement in the functioning of the prostrate in men.

For all of you who wish to take their workout beyond the physical realms, tantric yoga is the one to consider. While imparting the physical and mental benefits characteristic of other forms of yoga, it will also help you enjoy and enhance the experience of spiritual consciousness.

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