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The Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

In the article I’m going to tell you about The Benefits of Aqua Aerobics. Whether you’re a runner, work out regularly with weights, or have just signed up for a kick boxing class, it’s always good to add some variety into workout routines.

The Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

For a great cross-training component, consider aqua aerobics, which offers the same exercise elements as other workouts, but with some significant advantages. Here are some of the great benefits of aqua aerobics:


A solid cardio workout

Runners who have been injured and can’t get on the track have taken up aqua jogging with solid success, while letting sore or injured legs heal. One injured runner performed a solid aqua jogging routine 6 days a week for 8 months, and when he returned to the trails, had no loss of fitness. A solid workout in the pool can get the heart rate up to near running levels, and help that runner keep in shape while the injury heals.

The low impact component

Because aqua jogging puts little impact on the legs, it can offer exercise that is easy on legs, and in particular, the knees. The buoyancy of the water allows a person to take a kick boxing class in the pool with less chance of tweaking a knee, twisting an ankle or just putting additional stress on the body. Low impact is considered one of the best advantages of aqua aerobics.

Great resistance

Try doing a set of lunges in the water with a core ball weight. You’ll quickly come to appreciate the resistance element added by the water. The workout can include the same lunge you would perform on land, with the same number of reps, and you quickly notice that you have to do more work. All that soothing water surrounding you is forcing more effort to move through the water, adding extra effort to the workout.

Burn those calories

Depending on how intensely the person works out, they can burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour while doing aqua aerobics. To burn more – just work a little harder by working out in deeper water, doing movements a little faster, or working out longer. Since there is not as much impact, the person doing aqua aerobics can spend a little longer on their workout without putting strain on the lower limbs.

Lots of choices

Aqua jogging is an excellent alternative to running. There are a lot of choices available for water exercise besides running in the water. Most fitness clubs offer step classes, Zumba workouts with all those sexy moves (which don’t feel as awkward or embarrassing while you’re mostly underwater), kick boxing, tai chi, weight work and yoga. For a beginner who wants to try a new sport, taking a class in the water allows the experience of performing the exercise, without the chance of a painful fall, or dropping a weight on a foot. It’s a very pleasant way to get in the workout, and provides a lot of fun as well.

Something to think about

If you’re in the water, it might not feel like you’re sweating, but if you’ve got your heart rate up, you’ll be losing fluids. It’s best to stay well hydrated during the workout. Take a water bottle and take regular sips between reps, just like you would with other exercises.

To add a cross-training element to a current workout routine, aqua aerobics can provide a great range of choices. If a beginner wants to try out new exercises with a minimum of impact and risk of injury, consider aqua aerobics. Whatever the exercise need, take a look at the various options aqua aerobics can offer – you’ll definitely find something that will help keep you in shape, with some outstanding benefits.

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