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The Best 7 Day Rapid Weight Loss Diet

The article gives an analysis of The Best 7 Day Rapid Weight Loss Diet. Maybe you did not put on much weight during Easter. Those Easter eggs had little effect, you might have only gained one or two pounds. Nothing to worry about you think. But there is something to worry about. Weight gain does not happen overnight. You don’t wake up one morning, look in the mirror and find you are 20 pounds heavier. You gained weight over months or years, one or two pounds at a time – at a conference, a weekend vacation or even at Easter. Each time you thought there was nothing to worry about.

The Best 7 Day Rapid Weight Loss Diet

You kept doing it until you decided that perhaps there was something to worry about after all. Then you had the hassle of losing a lot of weight over a long period. What you should have done is lost the extra pounds as soon as you gained them. Easy, no problem. You could have done it with a 7 day rapid weight loss diet. Worth a try this time?

There are plenty of rapid weight loss diets to try, so it is worth checking them to see if there is anything that might suit you. One that is good and does not involve ultra fast fad dieting is the whole food diet. With it you may even be able to eat the same amount of food and still lose weight. We have all heard of whole food, but what is it?

Whole food is food that is unprocessed and unrefined. White bread or white rice is not whole food; tinned food is not whole food.

Neither is most of the food labelled ‘fat free’. For a whole food diet you should be eating fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes like peas, beans and lentils, nuts such as almonds, cashews and peanuts (no salt), granary bread and brown rice. Vegetarians will stick with these and there are plenty of recipes to make into enjoyable meals. If you normally eat meat make sure chicken is free range and red meat is lean and from grass fed animals raised without hormones.

Fish is fine, especially oily fish like mackerel, and free range eggs used in moderation can be part of many dishes. If you do cook think of what you cook with. There is no point in preparing healthy food with oil high in saturated fats. Use olive oil, ‘high oleic’ sunflower oil, peanut oil, flax or hemp oil to cook your whole food.

That is all there is to it. Prepare meals with the right ingredients. Try to eat five small meals a day instead of three big ones; the total quantity need not change so long as you eat whole food. Drink plenty of water and get some exercise by walking round the block for 30 minutes a day.

With a whole food 7 day rapid weight loss diet you will have lost a pound or so and in two weeks the weight you put on at Easter will be gone. If you want to carry on and lose more weight that’s fine, you are eating healthy food – why stop?

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