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The Best Motivation To Train

I’m about to share with you some of the best motivation to train I’ve learned over my lifetime.  It’s not only the ultimate motivator to turn your workouts up a few notches, but also to help you with anything you feel passionate about.

The Best Motivation To Train

Along the way, I’ve tried all sorts of things to keep me motivated to exercise, train for sports, and to just keep myself healthy.  A great one I tried was emailing a few friends back and forth each day with what we had eaten the day before so we could keep each other on track for our goals.  It was a nice motivator but it really wasn’t something that I could keep up with.  To be honest, it got boring pretty quick.

I could rhyme off any fitness motivational quote too but that stuff gets a little corny after about 3 minutes.

The best motivation to train doesn’t come from stupid quotes that you forget 2 minutes after you read it.

Another thing I’ve tried is to use an online program to track my diet and fitness routine.  This also worked for the short term, but again, I just got tired of entering in everything at the end of each day.  Sometimes I’d even forget.

So if something is really important to you, like staying on track with your fitness and diet goals, do you think you’d really just forget to do something that would help you reach your goals?  Of coarse not.  The reason I forgot was not because it wasn’t important to me but because of this simple secret I’m about to share with you.

The motivation to train has to resonate with you on a different level than just your buddy screaming “You got 2 more reps bro…push it!”

You see, the reason I wasn’t able to stick to some of my fitness and health goals wasn’t because they weren’t important to me.  It was because of this:

I didn’t know WHY I was doing any of this.  Not only did I not have a good reason why I was working out and eating right, I didn’t have a deeply rooted connection to why I was doing any of this.

If something is that important to you, like working out or training for the upcoming season, you have to have a deeply rooted reason why it is so important to you.

I’ll give you an example:

When I first started working out, I witness a lot of my friends making huge gains in their strength and I wanted to be on par with them.  I’m a competitive guy and I didn’t want anyone to have an edge over me when it came to sports.  Also, I thought it was pretty cool how muscles just made you look that much better.

But was this really important to me.  Did I really have a deeply rooted connection to this reason?  Honestly, not as much as you’d think.  The sports performance part of my reason, was my driving force.  The muscles, well, they were cool, but I’m not that vain.

I want you to ask yourself a question and jot down your answer somewhere.  Why exactly do you want to train?  Or why do you want to workout regularly?

If your answer is to look better for the girls, then that’s not good enough.  That won’t last as a driving force.  Before you know it you’ll have a girlfriend and she’ll just like you for you, not your muscles (wink).

Really take some time to think about why you’re training and why it’s important to you to workout on a consistent basis. Arnold says that to be successful, you need to have that connection between mind and body.  It needs to be engrained in your soul.

So here’s my WHY with a little background story:

About 5 years ago I went through the worst time of my life.  I went through a deep depression that I can only explain as hell.  For a while, I didn’t have much enthusiasm to do much.  I felt like garbage all the time.  I hated life, where I was going, and how I felt every second of the day.

But I managed to get myself back on track through a commitment to being as active and healthy as I could.  I met my future wife just months after this downfall and we just had our first child less than 4 months ago.  They mean everything to me, so I want to make sure that I do everything that I can to provide a great life for them.

My WHY is that I want to be strong for my family.  I want to be the best possible role model for my son.  I want to make sure that he grows up with the confidence to do whatever he chooses and so that mean I have to show him how to be a confident person through my daily actions.  I train because my family needs me to be strong for them.

Each time I go into the gym to workout and train, I think about how my family needs me to be strong, confident, and positive.  That’s what drives me and that’s why I’ll always be successful.

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