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The Best Weight Loss Program for Women

This article tells you about The Best Weight Loss Program for Women. Everybody wants the best weight loss program. But is the best weight loss program for women any different to one for men? Both want to lose weight and with the right diet and exercise they can do it. In the US and the UK there are a lot of overweight people.

The Best Weight Loss Program for Women

Fewer women are overweight than men, but only about 10 percent fewer, which suggests that they both have the same life style. This is to be expected as most families live the same way and eat the same food. So why have a special weight loss program for women?

One reason is that there are differences in dietary needs between men and women. Women tend to need fewer calories each day than men who are taller and more muscular. Women should eat more iron and calcium, men more protein.

There are behavioural differences as well. Women comfort eat, men comfort drink. The difference in body shape also has an effect on the dietary needs of men and women. Women naturally carry more fat on their bodies, so it is more difficult for them to lose weight. This is not the case with men who are able to lose weight faster.

So what is the best weight loss program for women? It need not be so different to one for men except for additional iron and calcium. For iron you can eat legumes, such as common beans or chickpeas, artichokes and grass fed beef (in moderation).

For calcium eat gruyere cheese, yoghurt and non fat milk. Both iron and calcium is obtainable as off the shelf supplements. But I suggest you eat a balanced diet and avoid spending money on expensive supplements.

If you are looking for just a diet the Mediterranean diet is my favourite and is fine for both men and women. Many recipes will contain women’s iron and calcium requirements but just make sure you are including them on a daily basis. If you want help with your dieting the Weight Watchers program is for you. It is not only a good diet but can provide the type of support and social interaction women enjoy.

All weight loss programs are helped greatly by regular exercise. If a man wants to lose weight he thinks of the gym, maybe even before thinking about his diet. A woman probably thinks of a diet. Although some women do go to the gym most would prefer to walk or jog each day. A woman with a young child will get a lot of exercise just caring for the child anyway. She should get as much regular exercise as she can manage and if she can’t manage much make sure she keeps to her diet.

The best weight loss program for women depends on what they want but is probably Weight Watchers. For those with no time or interest in attending meetings it is still possible to follow a Weight Watchers diet. But if you like good food and even an occasional glass of wine the Mediterranean diet is a good choice.

Both of these are long term lifestyle changing diets. Fast weight loss is another story. There are plenty of available diets, check them out and so long as you only use them for a short time they are unlikely to do you harm. But for long term safe weight loss Weight Watchers or the Mediterranean diet is the way to go.

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