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The Best Weight Loss Walking Plan

In this article I share what I learned about The Best Weight Loss Walking Plan. The best weight loss walking plan is the best for you. Needs vary and can be satisfied in many ways. But first of all why should you walk at all to lose weight? There are plenty of other ways of losing a few pounds.

The Best Weight Loss Walking Plan

You could exercise in a gym which is fine if you live near one, can afford the fees and don’t mind looking, shall we say, a little out of place among all those fit young enthusiasts. You could swim; the same problems as a gym apply if you use a swimming pool, although there will be more people of size swimming than at a gym.

Swimming still costs money, unless you are lucky enough to live near the sea or close to a lake or river. You can have a lot of fun cycling and it is great exercise but you do need to buy a bicycle and, if you really like that sort of thing, one of those tight lycra outfits and a serious crash helmet.

This brings us back to your weight loss walking plan. A walk can start at your front door and can be a wander round the block or a hike in the mountains. Not only does walking make you fit but you can walk alone, with a buddy or join a club to meet new people. Walking is easy and because it is easy you are likely to do it. But don’t expect too much. We all know that people who eat more calories than they burn get fat – those who burn more than they eat get thin.

You will not burn a massive amount of calories by walking. If you walk at 3 mph for an hour you will burn off a chocolate bar. So don’t eat one in celebration when you get home. To really lose weight you will need a more healthy diet as well as exercise.

Of course how much you burn off depends on how long and how fast you walk and walking can even develop into jogging which does burn off a lot of calories – it is up to you to decide what you want and what you enjoy. Enjoyment is everything and you will lose weight if you keep up your exercise long term, at whatever level you decide upon.

Start slow with a 15 minute amble. Do this for a week or and then work up to walking faster for 30 minutes each day. You can make that your daily exercise and it will do you a lot of good. An hour’s walking a day is even better if you have the time. This can be 30 minutes morning and 30 minutes evening, it doesn’t have to be 60 minutes all at once. The secret is to keep doing it. You can have a day off a week if you want to, but do walk for the other 6 days.

That is your weight loss walking plan. Just walk on a regular basis for the distance and at the speed you enjoy. If you like company walk with a friend or join a club, if you need motivation get a dog.

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