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The reality of weight loss

This article is about The reality of weight loss. Instead of resorting to a starvation diet, try to eat small meals more frequently and combine it with any form of exercise to enjoy weight loss.

The reality of weight loss

We all know how difficult losing weight is. Inspite of eating next to nothing, exercising hard, skipping meals etc, we are unable to melt that extra fat off our thighs, tummy or backside. What you may think is a genetic disorder, bad luck or nature’s curse on you, is in reality your body’s way of functioning .By understanding a few basic things you can lose weight no matter what shape or size you are.

Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. However, apart from the foods we eat, how often we eat it also makes a difference. Since the human body is adaptive in nature, if you eat very little or infrequently, the body’s instinct makes it go into survival mode thinking that you are facing some hardship or famine. The metabolism will slow down in order to store what you eat, leaving you feeling fat and frumpy. This ‘save it for a rainy day’ instinct would have been apt for the caveman but not for poor you trying to squeeze into that tiny black dress.

Play smarter, not harder: Instead of forcing your body to use the stored fats by eating less – which may actually make you fatter when the hunger gets too big to handle- you should eat more and more frequently. Research says that the best eating pattern for energy and weight loss is about 6 small meals a day. Depending on gender, height, weight, activity level and medical history, small could mean about 200-300 calories per meal. So the blood sugar level remains constant, energy level high, hunger at bay and you sane. Thinking that food is plentiful your body metabolism will speed up helping you lose weight and maintain it.

To quicken the pace of weight loss, exercise, by burning more calories can be helpful. Any kind of activity which keeps you moving is good enough like, walking, weight training, shopping, gardening, housework etc. However, indulge in the exercise that you enjoy most as only then can it develop into a habit.

Remember that it did not take you one day to accumulate all that fat so, do not expect it to vanish that fast either. Weight loss is a continuous, long – term task so make it less dreary and more enjoyable.

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