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The Single Best Weight-Lifting Tip

This article tells you about The Single Best Weight-Lifting Tip. The internet is full of weight lifting tips but the best single piece of advice when it comes to weight lifting is to get a training partner. With a training partner you can benefit more from them than any top tip article online.

The Single Best Weight-Lifting Tip

As a training partner motivates you to stick to your weight lifting schedule, you also have someone there for safety when using free weights and an “alarm clock” for having bad form. This is highly recommended for beginners who might need a little more encouragement in the early stages but can also help more intermediate and advanced weight lifters too.

When training with a partner you should make sure your partner is of the same standard as yourself and with similar goals. Having a partner that is much more advanced than you is great–for you–but having one that is more or less at your level is beneficial both to you and your partner, we’re not shellfish are we?

A Partner Is Your Commitment To A Program

This is a great weight lifting tip, as the first thing having a training partner will force you to do, is plan a weight lifting schedule. To meet at the right time and place, you need to have organised it beforehand so this will keep your training consistent which is key to progressing.

With weight lifting it is just as easy to overdo working out as it is to slack off, so a training partner will help with both of those issues. Committing to a weight lifting schedule with them will mean by not attending a session, you are letting them down as well as yourself. Be ashamed of yourself.

With weight lifting, when doing reps for different muscle groups to progress you actually exhaust the muscles, so with a partner there to train with you –  it can keep pushing you to that volitional fatigue point. Similarly, by planning out your sessions you won’t be as tempted to put in extra sessions that could be detrimental (in a bad way) to muscle growth.

Salvage Valuable Information From Your Partner

You can also discuss ideas on different exercises for muscle groups. Variation is really useful with weight lifting workouts–because although you may be working the same muscle or muscle group–a different exercise can work slightly different strands and boost the overall strength and mass of the muscle.

Having a training partner for weight lifting can also provide you with a free source of knowledge on dietary and supplementary nutrition. They might have tried things you haven’t so through them you will have extra tips on what works and what is just a waste of money. With a training partner you know it is advice you can trust rather than relying on the internet as a sources of knowledge which can often be scams. But not this site, god be good.

The More The Merrier

Finally, a training partner will definitely make work outs more fun. Company when training can stop routines from becoming monotonous as a partner with the same goal and fitness will obviously have things in common even if they are not a friend.

Lifting that goal weight will be a more satisfying experience with someone there to share it with, especially if they have been there with you throughout the training.

You can also make funny noises as they struggle with the final rep.

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