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The Starting Strength Workout Program

In this article I’ll tell you about The Starting Strength Workout Program. Starting Strength, or in short “SS”, as the name suggests is a workout regimen aimed at getting yourself built to withstand the ultra-intense pressure of performing a bicep curl. Aside from that, it develops your body musculature in an even and balanced manner, so that you grow in harmony with your body and avoid the chicken-legs  mutation.

The Starting Strength Workout Program

SS workouts’ aim is to do what said above via a set of compound exercises that trigger the use of numerous muscle groups.  This way, you’re able to attack your whole body quickly and effectively, so that to stimulate it to grow all-around.


Why SS Good For Beginners?

SS is awesome for beginners because most beginners are weak and scrawny, and it’s only natural to bulk-up in muscle-mass not only at the upper arms area.

It allows rookies to prepare for war that is the various weird looking exercise-machines found throughout the gym. It’s much easier to confront the monster when you’re 10kg up in mass, trust me on that one, kid.

Why Not Every Beginner Does it?

Because they’re either simply not aware of it or under the impression that such “heavy” and complicated exercises are for the seasoned only. Little do they know that they would benefit from it a lot.

The Downsides Of SS

The downside would be the skill required to perform the compound exercises with good form, so that you maximize muscle growth and more importantly, avoid injuries. It’s quite easy to harm your back if improper form is utilized while doing the deadlift, and to a lesser extent – the squat.

Example SS Workout Program

  • Day 1
    Squat 3×5, Benchpress 3×5 (alt w/ Overhead Press), Pullups 3xfailure
  • Day 2
    Squat 3×5, Benchpress 3×5 (alt w/ Overhead Press), Deadlift 3×5
  • Day 3
    Squat 3×5, Benchpress 3×5 (alt w/ Overhead Press), Pullups 3xfailure

Some Helpful Notes On SS

  • In our example above, we use a 3-day regimen so alternate between the Benchpress and the Overhead Press every day, that means on day 1: Benchpress, day 2: Overhead Press, day 3: Benchpress, day 1: Overhead Press and so on…
  • How to choose weight? On the first workout, start with really small weights and see how you cope. Use the first workout to gauge your abilities, if you’re a beginner. Add weights for each exercise until you feel that you’ve found your working weight (able to complete 5 reps for 3 sets with good form).
  • How to advance? By plan, each workout you’re supposed to advance by 2.5-5kg for each exercise (5kg for deadlift and squat, 2.5kg for benchpress and overhead press). However, gauge your progress and add weight accordingly.

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