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The Top 7 Nutrition Secrets To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The article gives a detailed analysis of The Top 7 Nutrition Secrets To Get Rid Of Belly Fat. The #1 question i hear from my clients over 50 is – “how do I get rid of this gut?” or #2 “I hate having this extra belly fat!” Guys want to know the secret to losing fat in the belly more than anything else. It trumps health concerns, energy levels and building strength and muscle as a goal in a healthy life. It’s true you can have all the good health, positive energy, athletic ability and muscle mass, but if you carry a gut it cancels out your image as a fit and buff guy. The flat stomach rules!

The Top 7 Nutrition Secrets To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

What’s the secret?

Well, unfortunately there is no secret but there is a good chance if you follow a few of the tips I am going to give you here you will start to see dramatic changes in just 3 weeks! So here we go.

My Top 7 Tips For Losing Belly Fat When You Are Over 50

#1 – Cut Calories, But Not Too Drastically.

To decrease body fat you must create a calorie deficit so you are burning more calories than you consume. In our zealous enthusiasm (especially during the first few weeks) we tend to cut down too much, too fast and this will slow down your metabolism and actually encourage you to store more fat. The body thinks you are starving and wants to preserve itself. A 10 % to 15% reduction in calories is all it takes to get into the fat burning mode.

#2 – Eat FIve To Six Small Meals A Day

Small frequent meals, as opposed to the traditional “three Squares” will jack up the metabolic rate and stoke the calorie burning furnace. The more you pracrice this the more fat will gradually leave your body. Keep in mind some of the meals don’t have to be meat, potato and veggies. A meal can be a portable food like yogurt and some almonds.Adapt the habit of doing small “feedings’ throughout the day.

#3 – Reduce Carbohydrate Intake At Night

“No White At Night”- this is one of my mantras. Keep the white starches (flours & sugars) for your morning and lunch meals , while choosing low carb foods( lean protein, nuts, cottage cheese, vegetables) after 6 PM. My clients who are heavy nite eaters tend to skip breakfast because they’re not hungry in the morning and perpetuate this cycle of overeating and gaining weight.

#4 – Eat Fiber With Every Meal

High fiber foods like fruit, vegetables and whole grains fill you up on less calories. They have more nutrition and help you to stabilize blood sugar( feel less hungry) and maintain good digestive health. Get the “F” word in your daily diet and fat will start to melt away. The higher the fiber the faster the fat loss!

#5 – Drink Half Your Body Weight In Ounces Of Water

Water is one of the most important weapons in the battle against belly fat. It acts as an appetite suppressant and aids in the digestion of meals. It helps your body to regulate sodium intake and the absorption of vitamins and minerals. It helps your cells utilize stored fat energy for fuel. If you feel sluggish and tired you may simply be dehydrated. Try doubling your water intake this week and I guarantee you will feel better.

#6 – The More You Cook The Better You Look!

I use this mantra to remind my clients that cooking at home is the best way to control calories and make faster progress in your fat loss goals. I think it’s great to eat out, but despite making good menu choices you are at the mercy of a chef who wants to make his food appealing with extra fat sugars and salt. It is the nature of the beast – so save restaurants meals for special occasions. You’ll not only look better, you’ll be saving lots of money too.

#7 – Exercise Daily

I don’t care what it is – just do something everyday. It doesn’t have to be the gym- gardening, walking, biking, house cleaning, tennis, yoga, swimming or lifting weights or exercise videos at home will get you off your butt and jack up your fat burning metabolism, the worst thing you can do is sit all day! Do the minimum at least 6 days out of seven!

Note: These are time tested strategies that will jump start you efforts to get rid of that belly! Try adding two a week to your schedule ove the next eight weeks and see how much better you will look and feel . It’s not complicated. Remember just take small, baby steps and the larger results will follow over time.

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