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Three Ways To Squat

The following article is about Three Ways To Squat. One statement that you may have heard time and time again is that ‘squats are king’.  The theory behind this statement is that squatting is one of the absolute best muscle building exercises you could do because it’s going to work the glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, and even the shoulders to some extent as well.

Three Ways To Squat

All in all, squats will evoke a very good muscle growth response in the body, so if you want to be building muscle in a hurry, it’s imperative that you get them in.

That said, don’t always think that you must turn to the basic squat when doing this exercise. There are a number of great variations of squats that you should consider as each will offer its own unique benefits and make your workouts a little bit more interesting.

Let’s go into three variations of squats to consider.


Front Squat

The first squat variation, the front squat, is slightly different in that it’s going to have you placing the bar across the front of the body, rather than along the back.

The result of this is that you’ll be front loading the stress on the muscles, so the quads are going to be under far more tension than the hamstrings are.

While the back squat does work the quads as well, it’s primarily going to be hitting the glutes and hamstrings to a larger degree.

Sumo Squat

The next squat variation to consider performing is the sumo squat. If you want to target the inner thigh muscles, this is the squat for you.

The sumo squat is performed by holding a weight between the legs and taking a wider stance than usual, keeping the toes pointing sideways slightly.

This changes the nature of the force coming down on the body and will also allow you to move into a slightly deeper squat as well.

Make sure to keep the back upright at all times when doing this exercise as you would with any other squat variation.

Split Squat

Third we have the split squat.  The split squat is a cross between a regular squat and a lunge and is really going to place a high degree of emphasis on the glute muscles, along with your balance and agility.

The nice thing about the split squat is because it does have you on one leg only, this is going to help to ensure that you get good muscle balance in terms of strength division, as well as help to work the core muscles as they struggle to keep you upright.

Place one leg back up on a bench and hold a dumbbell at either side.  From there, slowly begin to bend the supporting leg until you’re as low as you can go, pause, and then press up again, thinking of driving the weight through the heel.

Once al reps are completed, switch sides and repeat.

So there you have three great squat variations that you may want to consider. Changing it up from time to time is a perfect way to prevent a plateau and make sure that you stay mentally interested in your workout program.

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