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Top 10 Foods To Increase Your BMR

The following article is about Top 10 Foods To Increase Your BMR. One of the best ways to see better rates of fat loss success is to have a look at what you can do from a diet point of view to boost your BMR so burn more calories daily.  If you can do this, you won’t have to spend any more time in the gym or cut your calories back any further either.

Top 10 Foods To Increase Your BMR

It’s going to make fat loss feel that much easier.

Let’s have a quick peek at 10 foods that can instantly increase how many calories you’re burning off on a daily basis.

Chicken Breast

The first food to eat to boost your BMR is chicken breast.  Since protein will cause the body to burn more calories simply breaking it down and chicken is primarily a protein-rich food, this is a fast way to instantly see a metabolic boost.

Green Tea

Green tea is the next thing to add to your diet to see an increase in your BMR. Green tea contains compounds that will stimulate the metabolic rate, causing you to burn off more calories in the coming 24 hours.

Be sure to drink two cups per day minimum to see this effect.


The third food that you’ll definitely want to make sure is in your plan is flaxseeds. Flaxseeds contain healthy essential fatty acids, which will help to maintain a healthier metabolism, as well as a healthier body overall.

It’s one great food for you that can’t be missed out on.

Egg Whites

Another very high protein food that’s also fat and carb free and high in volume so you can eat a larger amount of it without taking in too many calories are egg whites.

Egg whites can be prepared so many different ways, so make sure you aren’t overlooking adding them to your plan.


Salmon is yet another protein-rich food to be eating. Not only does it contain the protein that will help to stroke the metabolic rate, but it’s also a good source of the omega fats we mentioned above.

Every dieter should aim to eat salmon at least twice per week.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a perfect food to eat for a snack on any day and is high in protein, low in sugar, and can help you shed fat faster from the mid-section.

Because it does have that high protein content, it works similar to how chicken and egg whites do and will cause you to burn more calories just breaking it down.


Blueberries are next up on the list of great foods to eat to boost your BMR.  Blueberries contain a high level of antioxidants, which are going to help to prevent against oxidation in the body, which can cause your metabolism to grow sluggish.

Add these to your Greek yogurt for a perfect snack.


Oatmeal is a fantastic complex carbohydrate and contains B vitamins that will help to keep the metabolism functioning as it should.

Make sure that you eat the unsweetened variety however so you aren’t consuming high amounts of sugar with it.


Coffee is the next thing to consider. Small doses of caffeine can boost how many calories you burn daily, so serve up a cup to get your day going.

Just avoid adding cream and sugar.

Chili Peppers

Finally, don’t overlook chili peppers. These contain a certain compound known as capsaicin, which will cause the body to burn off more energy as heat for the coming hours.

Add them whenever possible to your dishes.

So there you have 10 foods that you should be adding to your diet plan to help you see faster fat loss success. Don’t overlook them!

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