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Top Tips to Increase Calorie Expenditure

The article gives a detailed analysis of Top Tips to Increase Calorie Expenditure. You can’t get back into a good shape unless you understand a simple fact – your body should lose more calories than it consumes. Not an impossible task when you know you can do that through a few workouts and a few other simple ways. It’s not rocket science that your total daily energy expenditure plays a big role in losing weight and getting back into shape. Although your genes and your lifestyle have a lot do in this case, you still have some hope and can really make a significant change by increasing calorie expenditure. How can you do that?

Top Tips to Increase Calorie Expenditure

Your metabolism or metabolic rate is hugely controlled by your genes. That’s sad. But there are still a few things that you can do to boost metabolism.


Power Walk

A 15 minute power walk on a steep inclined treadmill at a speed of 4 can be very effective. It is essential that you keep a track of the speed every day and maintain consistency. When after a couple of weeks you feel like your stamina has increased, increases the speed level while you walk.

Nordic Walking

A few people believe that Nordic walking is very effective for speeding up calorie expenditure. Our body has a tendency to work at a bare minimum metabolic rate when it is at rest. It does that to save energy or calories. But if you’re overweight, you already have surplus calorie which you need to spend. Nordic walking is known as a low impact yet powerful exercise that uses more muscle groups.

Interval Workout to Boost Calorie Expenditure

How does that work? Well, you can do high intensity workouts and moderate intensity recovery workout alternatively. That way you spend more calories. You can just warm up for about 5 minutes, then you can increase the speed or resistance level of your workout and continue at that level for 5 minutes. Then again reduce speed for 5 minutes. Repeat the process.

Focus on Short Duration Intense Workouts

Rather than doing slow paced workouts for an hour, increase the intensity of the workouts and try to exercise without any break for only half an hour. That should be more effective.

Hiring a Trainer

You can also hire a trainer to save time and see faster results. A personal trainer would be able to guide you and supervise the overall workout program as per the necessity.

Black Tea

Professionals suggest drinking black tea with meals to alter the body’s carbohydrate absorption tendency.

To increase calorie expenditure, you’ve to lose a lot of energy. However, you also have to eat healthy nutritious meal to compensate the loss of energy. Be careful here – you need energy but not calories, if you already have too much of that.

When you eat food to gain energy, bear in mind that it should not add calories to your body. Find out foods that contain the essential vitamins and minerals but do not contribute to a calorie surplus. Unless you’re doing any high intensity exercises or weight training, you don’t need any extra calorie through your food.

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