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Top Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

That article is about Top Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss. Weight loss as advertised in fashion magazines seems to be a bizarre labyrinth of counting carbohydrates and using a calendar to determine what you need to eat on any given day.  The simple rule for all weight loss is the mathematics of calories — burn more than you consume and your body will use its fat reserves to make up the difference.

Top Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

There are many ways to achieve the mentioned ratio, ranging from eating less to developing a more active lifestyle, but cardiovascular exercise is the key to getting the healthiest workout possible, since only cardiovascular exercise gets your heart pumping at its maximum rate.  You can use several workouts on a treadmill in order to get a great workout.

Jogging is a pastime enjoyed by more Americans than any other workout, for good reason.  It is easy, costs nothing, and can be done anywhere there is enough space to run around the block.  Jogging can easily be done on a treadmill at any speed that a person is comfortable with, for as long as they are comfortable running.

If you jog, it is best to start on a low speed for a short duration and slowly build up to a longer trek.  Do not try to run a marathon on your first time on a treadmill, but rather increase the distance you go by about ten percent each day.  Many treadmills include the distance that you run in their computer; you can find great treadmills here with a variety of exercise-assisting tools.

If you want to ramp up your heart rate, a trick of professional athletes is to create spikes and valleys rather than maintaining it at a set level during jogging.  This is known as plyometrics, a means of creating better muscular performance by burst strength.  There are several ways to do these workouts on a treadmill; one way is to crank the speed up and down on a one-minute basis so that you go from intense to slow and back frequently.

Another way of getting plyometric exercise (although it looks silly to an outsider) is to hop with both feet together rather than run.  By hopping rather than running, you force your thighs and hamstrings to push off against the motion and generate force.  This force creates greater muscular efficiency in addition to a better heart rate.  Do not attempt this on very fast treadmills, since you get no added exercise benefits if you speed up the pace.

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