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Try the Best Healthy Diet Plan

If you want to try the best healthy diet plan you must know what it is. That may sound easy – you ask your friends, check Google and try what most people say works. But the problem is you are not finding out the best healthy diet plan. You are finding out the most fashionable, which may be the best but probably isn’t. What you should do is ask yourself why you want to eat healthy food and what you want to achieve by doing so. I would guess it is to become fit and lose weight, or maybe just to lose weight.

Try the Best Healthy Diet Plan

Diets to lose weight fast are not usually healthy, but some like Collagen Renew are better than others. Don’t worry if you really need to lose weight fast for an event or to avoid buying new clothes. It can be safe enough short term. Just don’t diet for long and don’t keep going back to a fast diet when your weight increases again.

But a fast diet is not the best healthy diet plan. What you need is a diet which you can eat long term and it has to be one you enjoy. There is no good giving up a lifetime love affair with fast food to live on lettuce, you will never do it and neither could anybody else. What you need is a diet with tasty ingredients and recipes which, if wanted, can be different every day of the week. It would be even better if you could drink a glass of wine with your meal without thinking you have had a serious relapse into bad old ways.

This brings us to my old favourite the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is well known. It is the sort of food you might eat on holiday. It can contain many ingredients, but the basics are fresh fruit, salads, vegetables, wholemeal pasta, lean meat and fish, often dressed with olive oil. You can eat it with granary bread, with olives or maybe a handful of almonds. There is no problem about drinking wine with the Mediterranean diet; red wine in moderation is good for you.

The advantages of the Mediterranean diet are well known and well studied. People eating it live long and active lives. It is the food of the farmers and fishermen who live around the Mediterranean Sea. They eat good food and get regular exercise. Of course you will not have to work long hours on the land or go fishing like they do. Just spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day doing your favourite exercise.

Walking, jogging, swimming or cycling are all good, but anything which makes you a little breathless is fine. Losing weight without exercise is possible, but you need to reduce your food intake and it does make it much more difficult

That is all there is to it. You won’t achieve fast weight loss with the Mediterranean diet, for that try Collagen Renew or something similar. But you will be a lot fitter and can expect to lose about 14 pounds in 2 months. That is safe long term weight loss and at the same time you will be enjoying your food and drink. I hope you agree that has to be the best healthy diet plan of all.

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