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Try These Six Simple Health Tips

If You Wish You Can Try These Six Simple Health Tips. We all want to keep as healthy as possible. But it is easy enough to carry on as usual and find we have become overweight and unfit without really noticing. Until one day we get breathless climbing the stairs and a walk to the post office becomes a bit of an effort. Then we wonder what to do about it. It is not really a problem – there are a few simple things which can help. Here are six tips.

Try These Six Simple Health Tips

 Fibre: Your body needs fibre but if you eat white bread, white rice and similar highly processed foods you are not giving it enough. Swap for granary bread, brown rice, nuts and plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables. You will be helping weight loss as well as boosting your fibre intake.

 Vitamin D: This is the sunshine vitamin. Sadly many of us do not get much sunshine for six months of the year. Lack of vitamin D can cause problems with bone health and has been associated with a number of other illnesses. Oily fish such as mackerel is a good source of vitamin D and swapping from butter to margarine helps. I normally do not advise supplements, as if you eat a healthy diet you do not need them, but vitamin D supplements in winter are a good idea.

 Do not be SAD: Vitamin D may help your health but sometimes you still find winter depressing. You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. You dream of a sun baked beach, preferably in a wine growing area, and become worried, tired and antisocial as you struggle with the reality of cold and bad weather. The more scientific call it Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, the rest of us call it the winter blues.

It is thought that lack of sunlight disturbs circadian rhythm which regulates our internal body clock telling us when to sleep and wake up. We know what happens travelling across time zones – we get jet lag. In winter we get jet lag for six months. What to do about it? A simple answer is a light box. These contain a bright light, much brighter than an ordinary light bulb. Sit in front of a light box for a short while each day and you can cure SAD. Light boxes are not cheap. But it may be worth investing in one if you suffer from the winter blues.

 Look after your teeth: What has cleaning and flossing teeth to do with staying healthy? It just gives you clean teeth. Correct but it also has a surprising effect on your health. The bacteria in your mouth, due to poor dental hygiene, can cause periodontal gum disease; this not only results in bad breath. Bacteria can get in the blood stream causing heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Pet lovers should be aware that the strange habit of kissing dogs could not only cause them to catch periodontal gum disease from the dog but, worse, the dog can catch it from them.

 Build Muscle: You may not want to spend hours in the gym, but it is a good idea to do light weight training, or even regular press ups or similar exercises on a regular basis. This builds up muscle mass and helps avoid the loss of muscle we experience as we get older.

 Give up snacks: One of the easiest and most effective ways of improving your health. You do not need snacks. Try watching a movie without a giant sized pack of popcorn, give up carrying a packet of crisps and a bottle of fizzy drink wherever you go, cut out your daily pastry at Starbuck’s. You will not die of starvation, you will probably lose weight, you will certainly save money, and your dentist can take a vacation.

 So that is a few simple health tips. None of them are too difficult but they work. To lose weight and keep fit you must eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, these tips incorporate some of what you need. The important thing is to want to stay healthy and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. The real secret is never give up.

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