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Walking to Lose Weight Works

It is no doubt that Walking to Lose Weight Works. Walking to lose weight is one of the best ways of getting fit and losing pounds while enjoying easy exercise. You can walk anywhere and for as long as you like, in town, in the park, in the country on a beach. All you need is a good pair of boots and clothes suitable for the weather. It is great exercise for the family, all ages can walk, just match distance to capacity and everybody will be happy. Single walkers can enjoy their own company, if that is what they prefer, or join a group and make new friends. Walking is for everyone.

Walking to Lose Weight Works

 Will you lose weight? You will if you do it right. Walking to lose weight works, but you need to do enough of it. Half an hour’s stroll round the block will burn off the calories in half a chocolate bar, which is not very much. To burn off a reasonable amount of weight you need a minimum of 30 minutes brisk walking each day and preferably an hour, which can be split into 30 minutes morning and 30 minutes evening if that is more convenient. Interval walking in which you walk five minutes fast, five minutes slow and so on is a good way of walking to lose weight.

 Remember you are trying to burn off calories. If you carry a fizzy drink and a bar of chocolate you will, by the end of your walk, have consumed as many or more calories as you burnt off. That is a good way of convincing yourself that walking to lose weight is impossible. Swap your fizzy drink for a bottle of water and your chocolate for an apple and your weight will go down.

 Walking is good for you whether you are eating a healthy diet or not. But if you are serious about walking to lose weight you must make sure you are not putting it on as fast as you are taking it off. That means a healthy diet. We have mentioned fizzy drinks and chocolate, but most snacks and fast food is bad for you. Eat more natural food, such as the Mediterranean diet, and you will be helping your walking for weight loss program. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is easy without much effort.

More may be harder, so be happy with moderate safe weight loss. You will lose more than you expect over a few months. If you really must lose weight quickly, for an event or a holiday, two or three weeks on a sensible fast weight loss diet will do no harm. After this you can go onto your long term healthy diet to maintain your new weight or carry on losing pounds slowly. Never have a fast weight loss diet and go back to your old ways, you will just put on weight again. Just take it slowly, keeping to your walking for weight loss program; you will lose as much weight as you want and enjoy the pleasure of walking as well.

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