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Weight Lifting Tips for Wrestlers

The article is about Weight Lifting Tips for Wrestlers. Weightlifting is a vital part of the training program for wrestlers. When the right approach is followed for lifting weights, the wrestler is bound to gain the desired strength level and muscle mass.

Weight Lifting Tips for Wrestlers

Having enough strength along with good cardiovascular condition is a key feature of a great wrestler. According to Phil Davies who is a sports physiologist, wrestlers need a high anaerobic power level along with endurance to perform fully throughout a wrestling match of six minutes. This certainly indicates that wrestlers need strength that they need to apply with maximum force frequently during the event.

However, for gaining strength through weightlifting, a wrestler needs the right guidance! Furthermore, weightlifting need not be complicated for wrestlers as long as they sincerely follow the program. To help these wrestlers for gaining strength, here are a few weight lifting tips.

Remain motivated

This is one of the most ignored things that most wrestlers forget. According to Dan Gable who is a wrestler, coach, and an Olympic gold medal-winner, it is necessary to be self-motivated if you wish to make your wrestling training program successful. Just practicing for a few minutes every day makes you do the workout for extra hours at the end of theyear. Therefore, it is vital to leave the comfort zone and show yourself that “extra efforts bring quick results”. For all-time optimum wrestling condition, the coach also suggests performing weightlifting throughout the year.

Prefer heavy lifting, and not more repetitions

To build strength, it is recommended to lift heavy weights instead of doing more repetitions with light ones. Keeping this in mind, you can use dumbbells, resistance bands, or free weights but try to make the session more intense. Consider a 60-minute, intense session on every alternate dayof the ongoing week.

Always stick to the correct technique

Lifting weights in the wrong manner can cause injury. Most of the time it requires you to keep your back straight. So, abstain from bending while lifting. This means that you should not prefer heavy weights over and above your body capacity.

Change repetitions and duration according to goal

Usually, wrestlers go for weight lifting for building strength and endurance. When your goal is to build muscular power, it is recommended to do 15 to 30 repetitions and prefer 2-4 sets per exercise. In case of muscular endurance, quick repetitions for 30 to 60 seconds are really ideal.

Further, ensure that you keep a gap of at least 48 hours after completing one weight training session for a particular muscle group.

Use dumbbells and kettle bells exercises during the weight lifting season

To retain the muscular power acquired prior to the season of wrestling, it is suggested to perform more movement-specific workouts. Therefore, wrestlers focus more on kettle bells and dumbbells exercises. While the former exercises help in focusing on the four main features of strength namely grip, power building, core strength, and endurance for building overall strength; the latter ones promote resistance training for ensuring body balance and optimal performance during the matches.

Consider pre-workout and post-workout meals

Weight lifting needs adequate energy. Therefore, consider consuming protein- and carb-rich foods within two hours before the workout. Similarly, have them within an hour of lifting to restock muscle glycogen and avert the breakdown of muscle mass.

Well, with these tips, you can make your weight lifting program successful! After all, wrestling is your career and you cannot afford to make any mistake when it comes to match performance.

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