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Weight Loss and Exercise

Weight Loss and Exercise. Exercise not only makes look better and feel better, but it may even restore activity and energy to elderly patients with heart trouble, according to researchers at the university of Maryand Medicals Centre.

Weight Loss and Exercise

In that study, investigators found that after a three month program of aerobic training, their ten elderly subjects with congestive heart failure were able to walk an average of twice as fast and 120 percent farther than they could at the out set of the project. Some were able to take up activities again that had long been out of their reach, including driving and shopping.

In the past, elderly patients with congestive heart failure were told to remain inactive. Such inactivity usually led to increased weakness and, in turn, even less activity. Death often followed quickly. The new study raises hope that exercise can restore quality of life to patients whose hearts are slowly failing.

Preventing heart disease

Perhaps the most significant benefit of increasing fitness level is the effect it can have on risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the nation’s number on killer, but fitness is a great way to fight back. Cardiovascular system needs exercise as much as the rest o body does, and a little regular exercise will strengthen heart muscle, in addition to the muscle that show when you’re wearing a bathing suit.

Aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, and biking, increases heart’s endurance by forcing it to pump increased amount of blood and oxygen through body for extended periods of time (20 minutes or more). It has also been shown to raise the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), cholesterol-the heart-healthy type of cholesterol- in blood.

High levels of HDL have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Lastly, aerobic exercise has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure, a primary cause of life-threatening conditions such as strokes.

Anaerobic exercise- weight training and stops and start sports such as tennis and basketball-is also beneficial to heart. This type of exercise causes a sudden (but short-lived) demand of extra oxygen. Over time, regular anaerobic exercise can help the heart and other muscles become stronger.

Protecting against osteoporosis

Calcium plays major role for protecting against osteoporosis- a debilitating, degenerative disease that causes the bones to weaken and become more porous over time. However, exercise is just a s important in maintaining the health of bones.

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