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Weight Loss and Walking Fitness

The article gives an analysis of Weight Loss and Walking Fitness. Have you put on weight over winter? I hope you are keeping up your fitness walking these lovely spring days. There is nothing like snowdrops and crocus to lift the spirits. Winter is not quite behind us, but even now we can stride into the countryside enjoying the warmer weather. It would be understandable if you are not as fit as you were four months ago.

Weight Loss and Walking Fitness

Walking in snow is not always a delight, particularly when the days are short, and sometimes it is better to stay home. Then there was the little matter of Christmas to test the resolve. So it is quite likely that you have put on weight and are feeling mildly guilty about it. But no matter, a new year a new beginning.

All you need to do is reduce your calorie intake and increase your fitness walking and over time you will become fit and slim again. But you may feel that you’d like to lose some weight before you start your walking program once more.

There are a few easy exercises you can do to get your muscles into shape. I do half an hour every day whether I am walking or not, but as ever I suggest you start slow. Try these three exercises to begin with.

Stand upright. Put one arm alongside your leg and bend sideways as far as you can go. Do this five times and repeat on the other side.

Put both your hands on the rear of your waist and stretch backwards. Do this five times.

Put both arms in the air and then touch your toes five times.

That’s enough to begin with, do five repeats for a week and then do a few more. Stick with whatever you feel comfortable with.

It is natural to feel a little out of breath if you are not used to these exercises. If you get really breathless stop and tell your doctor. You won’t burn off a lot of calories and lose much weight, but you will tone your muscles and help reduce your waistline.

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