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Weight Loss for Teenagers

This article is about Weight Loss for Teenagers. There is never a good time of life to be overweight. But the teenage years must be one of the worst. With all the other pressures teenagers have to put up with they do not need a weight problem as well. It is only too easy to get into a cycle of becoming overweight due to family lifestyle, or maybe some other reason beyond a teenager’s control, then get laughed at or bullied and compensate with comfort eating. Matters go from bad to worse and there is no way out. There is a way out – it may not be easy at first but success will come and with success confidence and with confidence more success. It is another cycle but this time a positive one.

Weight Loss for Teenagers

 So what can you do to lose weight? Start by looking at your lifestyle, which is the cause of the problem. The solution is to eat more healthy food and get more exercise. The hard part is doing it. If you are the only one in your family with a weight problem you should be able to get support and can try to live like they do. But if all your family is over weight it may be more difficult. You probably eat what they eat, the fridge is full of unhealthy food and nobody gets much exercise. Whatever it is you need to take control of your own life and to know what to do to lose weight.

Going on a diet is not the answer. You can lose some weight with a fast weight loss diet, but it will come back again when you stop. What you must do is change your lifestyle. Your old lifestyle is what caused your problems – so bin it. Start by giving up fizzy drinks, you really don’t need to carry a bottle of high calorie sugar everywhere. Stop that and you are on your way to losing weight already, and you will have fewer visits to the dentist as a bonus. If you live somewhere hot and need to drink a lot carry a bottle of water. That will also help to fill you up between meals and make you less likely to snack. If you do get hungry mid morning or mid afternoon eat an apple.

Always eat a light breakfast, if you skip breakfast you will just get hungry mid morning and start snacking. A good breakfast is muesli, fresh fruit and low-fat yoghurt. Drink black coffee or coffee with skimmed or semi skimmed milk. For lunch, if you are at work or school, pack a lunch box. This could contain a sandwich of granary bread filled with chicken or grated cheese and salad. Also pack an apple or a banana. An evening meal can be lean meat with plenty of vegetables, brown rice or pulses.

Avoid white bread, white rice or any other highly processed food. Finish with fresh fruit. If you do not have much time frozen meals from Weight Watchers tell you how many calories your are eating, are generally healthy and can be cooked in the microwave. But don’t live on them. One or two a week is plenty. This is just a few of the sort of things to eat. There are plenty of recipes and suggestions online and five minutes searching will give you all the information you need. This change in lifestyle will not give you rapid weight loss but losing one or two pounds a week is healthy and it soon adds up.

That is all you need to do to lose weight. There are just two more things to consider – maybe the most important of all. Motivation; without motivation you will not start, or you will give up before you have achieved anything. Do you really want to get slim and are you prepared to put time and effort into achieving it? You must decide. The other thing is how slim? It is not impossible to get so hooked on losing weight you can’t stop. That is dangerous. Find out your ideal weight, reach it and then up your food intake so you stay that way. You really can lose weight and achieve your ideal weight, no doubt about it. Why not start now?

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