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WeightLifting Charts

In this article I’ll tell you about WeightLifting Charts. Weightlifting is basically a sport in which the athletes lift heavy weights; this has been taken up by people as a way to train their muscles by shedding that excess fat. Weight training has become integral to a busy lifestyle in order to stay fit; it has not only remained as the Olympic game but also as the one endowing a healthy body and mind.

WeightLifting Charts

As and when one takes it up, it is very important to mark the developments, and also prepare the schedule for the training procedure. Weight lifting charts help to track the progress made by an individual all thorough the training program.

There are numerous training charts available online and also from the personal trainer which really assists in analyzing the whole process right from body measurements to diet and nutrition. The key to success in weight training is keeping a track of it in terms of nutrition and also the training in particular.

This chart actually monitors what one actually does in the gym, his workouts or weight lifting. It is an easier way to actually remember which workout should be carried out on the present day and what have already been worked on the previous day. This actually clears the confusion of working out the biceps, thighs or whichever required more than once by mistake. This routine is actually helpful in getting the desired results as what happens is that sometimes things tend to wipe out of the memory.

Not only does weightlifting charts provide with the complete chart of the workouts but it also shows the nutrition log. These logs help in eating healthy food and eventually keeping a track of what one is eating which can lead him to success. There are some charts which provide an 8 day program which is really intense and a bit of experimentation is required in the beginning, in terms of the amount f weight to be used.

Then an increase in the weight is planned which will be by one week or two for each new cycle. In this chart the workouts occur on 1,3,5 and 7 days and there are no workouts on 2, 4, 6 and 8. there is a repeat of workouts 1 on the day 5 and of workout 3 on day seven and so on. It is always advisable to start a cycle with a lighter weight.

The goal should be set in a way as to finish up the cycle heavier than the previous cycle. In this case, doing a ten minutes of abdominal exercises after each workout definitely helps. These charts are sometimes prepared in a way as to include intensive training for certain parts that have to be worked. Hence there are programs that focus on arms and so on.

Hence these weight lifting charts are very essential in weight training as discussed above. There are various charts that can be beneficial in the manner one chooses them to be. These charts not only focus on workouts but also nutrition which is also very important in this context.

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