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WeightLifting For Teens

This article is about WeightLifting For Teens. Teen’s bodybuilding has gained popularity since ages and weight lifting always takes an important part of building muscles. There are many attractions of building body for teens other than fitness and these includes self-esteem, looking attractive for ladies, confidence, style, etc. It also helps the teens to develop some good habits.

WeightLifting For Teens

Wightlifting for teens is important but it should also take care of some aspect like the teen should be under proper supervision. Proper technique should be followed. At first low weights should be given and gradually the weight can be increased.

Weight lifting in teens should be supervised properly as many physical problems can occur if it is done wrongly. These problems include spondylysis, fractures and other herniated disks to dislocation and also some cardiac rupture. Teens should take senior’s advice as these injuries occur specially to those who practice on their own.

This weight lifting if done under proper supervision in a noncompetitive manner can prove as beneficial for teens. But the teens should have supportive parents, experienced teachers and above all his own interest to do the exercise. An overweight teen can practice some cardiovascular exercises and do light weight lifting. This will tremendously help to loose calorie. In addition to this he or she can also walk in a treadmill.

The teens should always concentrate on weights. Though machines sometimes look attractive but they are not suitable for them. Proper weight lifting can build a teens body in a great way.

An overweight teen needs strain with lightweight and in addition to that he should maintain a good diet and try to burn calorie in a handsome amount. Reduction in calorie intake and increase the rate of cardio exercise is a must to build a muscular healthy body. Weight lifting should be done with full enthusiasm and honesty. The weight should be heavy enough to do repetitions. Around 2-3 sets should be done per exercise with a minute of rest between two sets.

The amount of exercise varies from person to person. If the teen is athletic the excess force should be more. Once the practice becomes easier the teen can divide the whole week so that different parts of the body can be trained on different day. Like Monday leg exercise can be done while on Tuesday chest and back should be worked out. This routine gives the space between the days and also the body parts. This is very important aspect of weight lifting.

The ratio of protein and carbohydrate is about 50/50. Diet is always important in weight lifting for teens. Weight lifting can increase strength as well as muscle power and size among teens but it cannot increase running speed or other competency regarding sports. Weight lifting exercise should continue otherwise muscle size and strength would weaken after 6 weeks of gap. Weight lifting for teens is beneficial when 8 to 15 repetitions is done with the same amount of weight previously and then small amount of weight is added in a regular manner.

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