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WeightLifting For Women

This article tells you about WeightLifting For Women. Weight lifting is an exercise for the muscles with the help of which one can improve the self image, have well toned muscles, improve the shape of muscles and bone density and at the same time improve physical appearance. There is a myth that that weight lifting exercises are exclusively for men. However, the fact remains that weight lifting as an exercise is the same for both and women.

WeightLifting For Women

Using proper techniques and forms applies for both men and women. The combination of good training methods along with the desire and effort will lead to improvements in total muscular fitness. If the combination is not perfectly balanced then the other elements become ineffective and useless.

Women in general have a very limited understanding on weight lifting. The first myth among women’s is that weight lifting will lead to muscle bound. The fact remains that women do not have enough testosterone, which is necessary to become muscle bound and appear masculine. Weight lifting in turn will help you in enhancing one’s femininity. According to researches on ladies and weights, weight lifting should be challenging and one should feel muscle fatigue.

There should be three sets of eight to twelve reps hard. One should also incorporate body weight exercises in the routine also like squats and lunges and pushups. Free weights help one in using multiple muscles and are more beneficial than machines.

Women getting started for weight lifting should follow a certain guideline. Firstly, the correct technique should be used. For the right instruction a qualified trainer should be consulted. Secondly, one should use a weight that one can perform for 2-3 more reps than what is given. One should avoid weights which one cannot complete. This is extremely important because one should leave the gym feeling charged up and not worn out.

Thirdly, after a few days one should increase the number of reps only if one does it without sacrificing the proper method because correct method is more important than anything else in weight lifting. Fourthly, after four to six weeks one should take up a new routine. This will help one to remove boredom and introduce a new vigor in practice. Fifthly, one should take care that aerobics should be done after lifting weights. Lastly, exercises are usually performed in a group. Each group of exercises is to be carried out after the other group is completed after a rest for a minute or two.

This will help to burn more calories and one will be able to achieve success within a short span of time. As the routine progresses and one starts coming to shape then one need to take more than a minutes rest between sets and groups of exercise.

It is necessary to carry and work out on the whole body because if one neglects one part of the body then body would develop in a disproportionate manner. It is better to get the whole thing in shape so that one ends up looking proportional.

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