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WeightLifting Routines

In the article it is spoken in detail about WeightLifting Routines. Weight lifting routines are generally about what exercises, how many sets, and number of repetitions to be preformed for each muscle. Weightlifting routine makes sure that there is a split as to what muscle to be trained on what day. It’s wrong when one considers that he should be doing chest on Monday, triceps on Tuesday, and shoulders on Wednesday.

WeightLifting Routines

Since this will actually over train his triceps, the reason being – every chest and shoulder exercise works the triceps secondary whereas every back exercise works the biceps secondary. Hence these things are to be taken care of while the weightlifting routine is set, other than the diet and other things.

Weightlifting has been proven to be very effective having capabilities to boost higher metabolism and shedding those kilos faster than just cardio exercises alone. The reason behind this being the calories that is burnt per day, replaced with a lean muscle. This is also effective because it gives more coordination in the muscles, joints, balance and also a higher bone density. Weightlifting routines can often be misleading when followed from unreliable places like magazines, gym walls etc. they can be very confusing at times for someone who knows nothing about it.

For this reason let us take up few simple measures or routines, like the training which is known as ‘Body Split’. In this process, the body is splitted in to muscles which can be categorised into several groups and then they are worked out on some particular days in a week. This shifts the emphasis on that particular muscle group only, till it tires out. There are 10 sets in each exercise scehdule with repetitions of 8 to 20 times. A period of rest is allowed but only for say 10 seconds or for a time span of 5 minutes.

This style requires an exhaustive program, where it can take long hours in the workout place, often 3 hours with effective exhaustion. Traditional weightlifting is the manner in which 3 to 4 sets consisting of 10 to 12 repetitions of a particular kind of exercise with 45 to 60 seconds rest is allowed after each of the set. This generally builds vigor, density of bone and it also does not allow the burning of that high amount of calories.

The other type of training known as ‘Circuit Style’ is about selecting a particular set of exercises which are actually movements of multi-joints. Periodization is another manner in which a particular training year is broadly grouped into different workout periods or circles. The concept behind this technique is to take the body through different training phases, to make it experience all those phases for top performance.

There is undoubtedly a vast array of weightlifting routines to choose from. According to an individual’s needs, there is an option always open which can just be the best for him. There can be constant changes made in the routine if the trainer so desires but all should be done under the supervision of the trainer.

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