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What is strength training?

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What is strength training?

Strength training is meant for skeletal muscles. With the strength training the size, strength and endurance of the skeletal muscles are improved using the resistance power of the muscles. Our muscles have the natural property to contract and this very property is give resistance in this training. It can be done in different ways.

strength training

Therefore the term ‘resistance training’ is also used for strength training. To give resistance to the muscles hydraulic or gravity forces are generally used. Moreover, one should not be confused taking it as weightlifting, bodybuilding or bodybuilding as strength training is technically different from these other types of exercises to strengthen body. The strength training is basically meant to bring improvement in the body from all aspects.

Moreover the training also strengthens our ligaments, muscles, tendon with increased bone, healthy cholesterol level and better joint function. In this power training weight is increased bit by bit and one is not supposed to apply heavy resistance to one’s muscles. Using this technique does not bring damage to the muscles. To apply increased resistance to the muscles progressively different equipments are used.

Different Types of Strength Training

There are mainly three types of strength training namely; weight training, resistance training and isometric training. Weight training is more popular among the three in which dumbbell, stacks or plates are used to give resistance to the muscles.

Hydraulic or elastic pressure is also applied for this purpose. All these methods affect our muscles in a different way but at last give positive results if done in a proper manner. In resistance training efforts are applied aimed at different parts of the body in which you bent squeeze or stretch your body muscles. Each action is given resistance and if done in the right way it improves the size and strength of the skeletal muscles. It also raises bone mass and tone up the body.

One more type that is isometric training in which the weight applied on the force is equal in proportion to the resistance give by the muscles and you may notice any movement in the body. In other words the length of the joint muscles does not change and the force is applied usually at the angle of 20 degree. This exercise is aimed at strengthening the muscles at the specific joint.

Pattern of Strength Training

This kind of training requires different exercises to apply forces on the muscles in many different ways. Exercises are designed to keep safe your body and so take different forms. Each exercise is repeated according to its form and done in a controlled manner.

There should be a tempo in doing these workouts and there is set of different workouts. In between different exercises of one set there should be no break as it may kill your spirit. The repetitions of different exercises are increased in a phased manner like 5 repetitions then and 6 then 7 and the like. Each muscle group should be give at least three exercises.


You must take precautions whiling doing strength training. You should consult a trainer so as to get the better guidance regarding the load, periodization, volume intensity of the exercise to be done. Moreover, never ignore the sustainability of your body muscles if otherwise it cripple you for a long time.

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