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What is the Alkaline Diet?

The article concerns the following question What is the Alkaline Diet? Diets come and go so it is worth keeping up to date with what is available and checking out any that appear worth trying. The alkaline diet has been around long enough to have shown encouraging results and seems to work. The theory is that the body is naturally alkaline, but we eat a lot of acids. So cut down on acids and you will be healthier, feel better and lose weight.

What is the Alkaline Diet

The difficulty here is that various parts of our bodies have different alkaline/acid values, so to say we are naturally alkaline is not accurate. The best thing to do is junk the theory and look at the diet which seems, for whatever reason, to be rather good.

 The alkaline diet proposes that 70 % of what you eat is fresh fruit, vegetables, oily fish like mackerel or salmon, wholegrain pasta, brown rice, brown bread, seeds and nuts (excluding peanuts, pistachios and cashew nuts). The remaining 30 % of your diet can be red meat, chicken, turkey, coffee, alcohol, cheese, cream, eggs, and seafood other than oily fish. Avoid fizzy drinks, biscuits, sweets, cakes, chocolate and other sugary food.

You can have the occasional treat so long as you stick to the alkaline diet long term. This diet is a lifestyle change and should not be confused with fast weight loss diets, which can be useful to lose weight for a special occasion but are not effective in maintaining weight loss.

 One or two things mentioned in the alkali diet are worth being careful about. Try to make sure beef is from grass fed animals and that eggs and chicken comes from free range birds. That way you will avoid the dangers of factory farmed produce. Limit your daily alcohol intake to one medium glass of wine or its equivalent for women and two for men. It is best to drink coffee black or with skimmed milk and to have a daily maximum of four cups.

 Those of you who have looked at other diets may find this familiar. The preferred ingredients are very similar to the Mediterranean diet. That is good news because the Mediterranean diet is one of the best available. There is more and more research proving just how effective it is.

A recent study on 7500 people in Spain has shown that the Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of a heart attack as effectively as taking statins without the side effects. So whether you call your new lifestyle choice the alkaline diet or the Mediterranean diet it will do you good. You will be healthier and you will lose weight slowly and safely. This is one new diet which is as good as it says it is.

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