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What Time of The Day is Best for Fitness Exercise? Find Out!

The article concerns the following question – What Time of The Day is Best for Fitness Exercise? Find Out! What time of the day is best for fitness exercise? This is a question that I’ve received from readers recently. Instead of answering the questions individually, I have decided to write a blog post about it.

Fitness Exercise

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have so many reasons to help you decide which time of the day is best for fitness exercise.

Now, the following are the different times of the day – morning, afternoon, and evening – that can be used for working out, their advantages, disadvantages and my personal experience about some 0f them. Enjoy!

1. Morning – You can develop a good exercise habits in the morning. If you workout frequently in the morning, you’ll carry that energized feeling with you for hours more. Your metabolism will also be boosted first thing in the morning and that will help burn more calories earlier in the day.

Also, when you workout in the morning, you’ve a lower rate of distractions or interruptions interfering with your exercise. If you’re a parent, your kid(s) might still be asleep, no phone calls at this particular time of the day, and the distracting – movement of people, cars etc. – business of life is very low at the dawn – in the morning.

Waking up early in the morning  will give you much time to exercise your life’s greatest asset – your body.

Disadvantages – You might feel unwilling to start an exercise early in the morning because your temperature is at its lowest at this time. You’ll have to spend some time to warm up properly to prepare your cold and stiff muscles for effective performance.

You need to muster enough courage to be able to exercise early in the morning. Again, it will take you some time – 1 to 2 weeks – to get use to it. But trust me, the feelings can be great when you’re able to exercise early in the morning.

2. Afternoon – Exercising at this time of the day will help minimize the stresses of the day. It also normalizes your appetite or snack habit.

Because your body’s temperature and hormone levels are higher in the afternoon than in the morning, the improved blood flow from your afternoon workout will help preserve your mental cavity throughout the day.

Disadvantages – Interruptions and distractions may sneak in. You might be unable to combine workout and lunch time into the assigned time. The lung functions poorly at noon time but can be improved with regular workouts.

3. Evening – This seems like a perfect time to be active. Your hormones and body temperature levels are at their peak at 6 pm so exercising three hours earlier or later than that is very good for developing endurance and muscles.

You function efficiently well between 4-5 pm, and your muscles are warm and flexible as well. You might be able to workout faster and harder at this time. It will also help to relieve the stresses of the day. Again, exercising before eating dinner helps limit how much you consume.

Disadvantages – Distractions could take advantage on your exercise. Interruptions from your family might frustrate and make you want to avoid working out completely.

From my personal experience, I’ve spent some years exercising only in the morning which I still do now. I’ve also had the chance to workout in the evening – 6 to 8 pm – for about two years.

What I like most about early morning exercise is the freshness and purity of the air. Plus, it refreshes my mind, and helps me carry out my daily activities with less stress. I’m also able to fall asleep at night and I sleep very peacefully.

However, I become very weak sometimes due to lack of rest after an early morning exercise. And this makes me less productive until I rest and sleep for a while. It’s not really easy to get out of bed early in the morning. But with courage, you can.

Working out in the evening makes me sleep soundly at night. It helps improve my appetite for dinner and that induces me to eat well. Again, I wake up in the morning feeling very active and energized to tackle the day’s tasks. I don’t feel any pain in any part of my body in the morning.

On the other hand, I find it difficult to fall asleep at night if I exercise too hard in the evening. And sometimes, I overeat after an evening exercise and this affects my sleeping pattern. Knowing these, I was able to curb the situations – don’t workout too hard in the evening, eat moderately and should be 2-3 hours before bedtime – and that really helped me.

What time of the day do you consider best for fitness exercise?

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