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What Workout Really Empowers Today’s Active Women?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – What Workout Really Empowers Today’s Active Women? Women today are more committed than ever to achieving total wellness through physical fitness. As studies continue to confirm the idea that athletic activity is really the key to overall health and longevity, women are asking more and more questions about what kinds of workouts really suit them best.

What Workout Really Empowers Today’s Active Women

Choices, Choices, Choices

The incredible enthusiasm for winning workout routines has led to the increasing popularity of two fitness approaches in particular: indoor cycling and running. Both of these workout disciplines provide great results when practiced regularly, and both offer certain simplicity in the gear required. Spinning shoes are a must for the serious indoor cyclist (though picking the right brand can be tricky), and good running shoes are essential for a solid running experience. Beyond that, all that’s really needed to practice these sports are comfortable workout clothes and a will to really achieve a higher level of fitness.

Both indoor cycling and running are proven means towards improved health and wellness. Yet how do these sports stack up against each other? What are the benefits? Do they bring on more than a good workout by empowering the woman athlete? Let’s take a look.


One aspect of working out is convenience. This is a significant issue, as exercises that aren’t practiced offer no benefit at all, obviously. Though running and indoor cycling both provide a solid workout, indoor cycling classes, unlike running, can be practiced in any kind of weather, which is a real benefit during the winter months.

Calories Burned

Weight loss is obviously a huge motivator for women seeking the right workout plan. How do these two workouts stack up, as far as calories burned?

Experts say that runners can burn off up to 600 calories in an hour, if they really stay motivated. Indoor cyclists can also burn close to that level of calories, so the two workouts are closely aligned in that sense. What’s really critical is that the athlete sticks with the program and keeps pushing. Indoor cycling classes provide motivation through the group dynamic, which is a true benefit.

Impact on Joints

Indoor cycling is a low-impact exercise that provides a great workout without putting stress on joints. This is an important benefit, as running, which a great workout, can cause injuries if not practiced with care. Indoor cycling, due to its low-impact quality, is highly recommended for women who suffer from arthritis or joint pain.

Social Benefits

Running and indoor cycling offer different kinds of social benefits. Running is often a solitary sport, but it does offer an outdoor experience, which can be incredibly pleasant on a beautifully clear day. Some runners struggle with staying motivated, however, as the solitary aspect of running can make it hard to keep pushing forward.

Spinning classes, on the other hand, provide a social atmosphere, as classes take place in groups, with a trainer running the class and providing ongoing motivation. Many indoor cyclists enjoy the camaraderie of classes, which can also drive the cyclist to higher levels of training, through friendly competition.

Choose to be Empowered

Obviously, both running and Spinning® classes have much to offer women in terms of fitness and the confidence and overall empowerment it brings. Ultimately, a woman needs to choose the workout style that’s right for her, so that she can be healthy, well, and claim her personal power.

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