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Why Am I Sweating Like A Pig Since Working Out?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – Why Am I Sweating Like A Pig Since Working Out? What is sweat and why do we do it?  Sweat, a mixture of water and sodium or salt is produced by the sweat glands in our body, approximately 2 to 4 million of them.  The resting temperature of our body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius and when the core temperature becomes hotter than this the brain sends the message to our body to cool down.

Why Am I Sweating Like A Pig Since Working Out

Sweat is the body’s natural solution to maintaining body temperature – if you like, perspiration is our own personal cooling unit.  If you become too hot through exercise or are in a hot environment, sweat is produced.  When we drip with sweat the body is trying to regulate our temperature, producing moisture which then evaporates thereby cooling us down.


 Sweating Disorders May Interfere With Day To Day Life

About 1 percent of the population suffer from a sweating problem; the medical condition is called Hyperhidrosis.  This excessive sweating can be an embarrassing, distressing and sometimes painful condition in which the individual experiences extreme sweating in the armpits, face, palms and feet.  Sweating problems occur when the sweat glands are overactive and produce too much sweat.

There are treatments for this condition including antiperspirants, to reduce sweat, or an aluminium chloride based antiperspirant to block the sweat pores.  In some cases the individual turns to iontophoresis, a treatment which involves electrical stimulation in an effort to block the pores or medication to reduce the sweating and in extreme circumstances specialist surgery procedures can be carried out.

 If Sweating Is Extreme; Consult A Doctor

So the question is why am I sweating like a pig since working out?  Do I have a sweating problem?  Is sweating merely a sign of workout sweat?  While sweat may not look attractive it is not a negative thing during exercise.  In fact the body is simply using the most efficient method in order to cool itself down and release the heat from the body.

If an individual is new or returning to exercise after an extended break then of course sweat would be probably be produced by the body early on into their routine even if they are not working particularly hard.  This is just the body’s way of adapting to the new exercise regime.  If a person has some concern as to the reason behind excessive sweating during workouts the best course of action would be to make an appointment with a doctor for a check up.

 Sweating Is An Indicator Of Your Fitness Level

Sweat is not necessarily an indicator of how unfit someone is. Instead it is usually indicative of a high fitness level.  Exercise and working out causes the heart to beat faster, muscles to work hard and as a result the body generates heat which is then regulated by sweating.  The more fit an individual the more efficiently they can cool down.

Dripping with sweat can actually be a sign of peak physical condition as the body perspires in order to quickly and efficiently cool down the core temperature.  Just to make it clear losing a lot of water through sweating during exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that you are instantly losing weight, rather the body is regulating the temperature through sweat and this loss can be replaced when drinking fluids.

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