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Why Home Gyms Have Gone Portable

The article concerns the following question – Why Home Gyms Have Gone Portable. Why am even surprised that the portability craze keeps expanding? The trend coincides with miniaturization and meets with approval by a consumer frenzied populous. On a recent reality show, a gentleman demonstrated his most recent invention – a portable gym that you can carry from home to work on a bicycle. He was able to convince a panel of experts that the idea was sound, the manufacturing cost effective and sales projections staggering.

Why Home Gyms Have Gone Portable

Elements Worth Transporting

What are the elements of a home gym that one might want to make portable. And by portable, we are not talking about just being able to fold the unit up and store it easily. Portable means transportable!

I keep having to go back to the question “Why?” to get to the sense of things. Physical fitness is a good thing and better movement and mobility are good things too. Why we have to make them portable is another question.

Time And Money

Societal habits play more than a small part here. People are rushing around trying to fit more and more activities in their lives. With only sketchy discipline and even less regularity in health conscious activities, time might seem to be the culprit. It is not so but the idea of mobile access to things, such as the portable home gym, persists as a potential solution.

An Indian philosopher friend of mine, Dr. Upadaya, is fond of saying “You’re not wasting time; time is wasting you!” His unspoken message is that we spend our time doing frivolous things, complicate our lives and then can not take advantage of even what is simple and straightforward.

Going to the gym is a good thing, but it usually comes with a sign-up fee and monthly or yearly membership costs, unless your membership is linked to work or a school situation. Home gyms are also good but they cost money too, from hundreds to thousands of dollars and still there’s no guarantee the equipment will get used. What to say of portable home gyms?

Obviously, this new innovative product comes with an initial purchase price and perhaps fills a valid need; the marketplace is full of such items. The portability factor adds more variables. Security factors will need to be addressed if the portable home gym is to be carried and left in areas where others have access. Then there’s wear and tear – you can come up with your own images here – let’s hope the portable home gym comes with a good warranty.

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